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1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7
(Featured on 10th July 2013)

Make: Volvo
Model: 480
Year: 1988
Registration: F70 MNR
Mileage: 33,500

Sellers original description:

Volvo 480 ES 1.7 manual - 1988. It will celebrate its 25th birthday later this year and at the time of writing, it still only has 33,500 miles on the clock - genuine, documented with every M.O.T. certificate since new. The car has been fastidiously cared for, with a full service history and garaged for much of it's life so the paintwork is exceptionally good, as is the bodywork in general. The interior is excellent, and has been kept very well, no evidence of smoking; the plastic fascia is very good. As with every single 480 in the world, there is a crack on the top left of the instrument binnacle but it's a small one. The rest of the fittings are in great shape. There is a factory fitted electric sunroof, fully retractable and in full working order. The piece de resistance is the factory fitted cup holder - for 1988 this was state of the art - 2 trays that retract from the front and rear of the central console to give each passenger their very own cup holder!

Mechanically the car is very sound. full service history and with such low mileage, it feels very taut and responsive. Having measured the fuel efficiency properly (using a pad and paper!) I can report up to 39mpg on a run - proof of a good engine and gearbox. Between services it has not appeared to lose oil or coolant and all the gauges (digital) show normal temperatures and pressures during driving, whether on short or long runs.

The tyres are all good - new at the front in the last 500 miles and with 4mm at the rear.

Most of the pictures were taken on a dull day - the car was not especially clean so the photos are very honest. It is a very shiny, impressive example in reality. I added a couple of newer pictures where the sun is shining so you can see how it gleameth!

These cars are disappearing fast - in the time I have owned it (around 8 months) I haven't seen a single other example. I'm quite sure there can't be many of this age now on the road, and certainly very few if any with the low mileage that this one has.


1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 1

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Pop Up Lights

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 2

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 3

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 4

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Engine Bay

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Front Interior

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Dashboard Steering Wheel

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Dashboard Gauges

1988 Volvo 480 ES 1.7 Rear Interior

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