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1991 Volvo 240 GL
(Featured on 10th July 2013)

Make: Volvo
Model: 240 GL
Year: 1991
Registration: H294 HDX
Mileage: 64,000

Sellers original description:

A magnificent 1991 Volvo 240 GL automatic estate.

First registered in Volvo's name for a month but supplied new to an elderly Lady who kept it until September 2011.

Presented today in lovely original condition with all its factory applied paint finish, panels and glass.

Just 64,000 miles supported by one of the most comprehensive Service history's that we have ever seen with invoices in the file amounting to £7,500 for servicing and routine maintenance alone.

Cherished and garaged all its life and without doubt amongst the finest of examples left.

In August 1974, Volvo presented a new generation of cars, the 240 and the 260.

These new models had been developed from the 140 series and to look at were similar to their predecessors. However, changes included a new front, large bumpers and a developed chassis, featuring a front-wheel suspension system of the McPherson Type.

The overall safety of the driver and passengers in the event of a crash was greatly improved with very large front and rear end crumple zones.

The Volvo 240 series of saloons and estates represents all that has become synonymous with the word Volvo - safety reliability and rugged longevity. Volvo did not change things for the sake of change, which is why the 240 ran for so long, but they did constantly keep the cars equipped with modern innovations though maintaining a certain simplicity that endeared them to so many users.

The final 240's bound for the UK left the Swedish production lines over 20 years ago. To many, especially those who favored the enormous load capacity of the estate, it was a huge loss and left a gap in the market yet to be filled.

Today 4 decades since they were introduced and 2 decades since they were last available new 240's have already entered the classic car arena.

The later early 1990's Estates are becoming highly sought after by those who like the idea of the shear amount that you can get in them coupled with their reliability and 'Modern car features' that make them such a versatile, and useable classic in the making and outstanding value.

Low mileage, well maintained estate versions are rare as they are snapped up by those who also realise the potential investment opportunities as well as practical motoring with some fun and enjoyment along the way.

H294 HDX

A Volvo 240 GL auto Estate first registered on the 30th May 1991 to the Manufacturers, Volvo Concessionaires Ltd Ipswich. However supplied new By Clover Leaf Volvo of Basingstoke, later to become Alan Gibson Ltd, and with just 17 miles (according to the pre delivery inspection sheet in the file and dated 29 June 1991) on the 2nd July 1991 to its first owner a Lady who lived locally.

The first owner who was approaching retirement when she bought H294 HDX had researched the model quite thoroughly before making the decision to go ahead.

Newspaper cuttings and Volvo books and brochures are still present in the history file.

Her new Volvo was to be a car that would take her through her retirement she made sure it was always garaged when not in use.

The first owner cherished H294 HDX for over 20 years - it was her absolute pride and joy and she maintained it exactly as the manufactures recommended that she should - mostly with the supplying dealer and without regard for cost.

She fastidiously kept absolutely everything that she ever received to do with H284 HDX in a file that is several inches thick. Every invoice, every item of correspondence from dealers and from Volvo itself - all with hand written comments and detail added by herself, every MOT, every tax disc and so on.

In late 2011, when the first owner was well into her eighties, H294 HDX was acquired by its second owner, a Volvo enthusiast who used the car infrequently but on a regular basis.

22 years since it was new and approaching the magic 25 years before it is classed as a classic (although for insurance purposes you should find that it already is) H294
HDX retains - all of its factory applied panels and paint finish in fact there is no sign that there has ever been any previous paint rectification carried out. It is a remarkably rust free example and it is hard to believe that the car is over 2 decades old.
It is completely standard, original and unmolested.

Finished in Atlantic Blue with Blue Plush trim.


As the owner aged H294 HDX acquired a few minor parking dents. The worse of which, although hardly noticeable at all, is to the top front of the o/s/f wing above the side moulding. You can just about make it out in the pictures, and would easily be removed without the need for paintwork.

There are some light scuffs to the bumper caps, a few stone chips and minor blemishes have been touched in with a touch up brush.

As we have said the bodywork is totally original with factory fitted panels and factory applied paint which retains a good lustre.

The boot, bonnet and door shuts are also unmarked and rust free as is the underside of the doors.

There has never been any welding and none is required.


Fantastic! The interior is in first-rate original condition.

Never smoked in.

The seats, carpets (covered from new), door cards, centre consul and dash are in excellent condition.

Factory fitted rear seat belts.


Exceptionally clean.

There are no signs of oil leeks and nothing seems untoward.

Original stickers are all still in place.

There is no sign of corrosion at all.


The exceptionally large load area, enormous with the rear seat folded, is outstandingly clean with minimal marking - virtually as new.

This is not a 240 that has been used for carrying large objects, although it is certainly more than capable of doing so.

It has not been used for moving builders rubble or even garden waste, in fact looking at it we doubt that it has ever been used for moving anything at all. Not even animals and especially not Dogs, which is rare and desirable with the 240 estate!

Spare wheel with original tyre.

Complete tool kit, Jack warning triangle all stored in the useful underfloor compartment.

Unmarked boot carpet, rear seat back and side carpeting.


This is a car that has had no expense spared on its upkeep and the minute you turn the key you know it.

It starts on the button with automatic choke.

There is a classic feel to the high up driving position but with a secure modern sense.

The drive is smooth, quiet and tight; you could be forgiven for thinking that you were in a car just a few years old rather that one of over 22.

There is no sign of smoke no untoward noises.

The gears change up and down just as they should.

The power steering feels light and responsive.

The 240 GL was classed as an executive Estate and the level of equipment reflects this, and everything tested works as it should.


1991 Volvo 240 GL Front

1991 Volvo 240 GL Right Side

1991 Volvo 240 GL Left Side

1991 Volvo 240 GL Back

1991 Volvo 240 GL Boot

1991 Volvo 240 GL Doors Open

1991 Volvo 240 GL Engine Bay

1991 Volvo 240 GL Interior

1991 Volvo 240 GL Dashboard Steering Wheel

1991 Volvo 240 GL Rear Interior

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