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1970 Ford Capri 3000 GT
(Featured on 9th January 2012)

Make: Ford
Model: Capri
Year: 1970
Registration: TRU 595J

Sellers original description:

This is a very rare and interesting Capri with a great history!

Inspired by the success of the Mustang 'pony car' in the USA, Ford introduced the Capri - 'The car you've always promised yourself' - to the European market in 1968. Towards the end of 1973 it was decided to develop a high-performance 'RS' Capri for the UK market using an over-bored version of the Dagenham-built 3.0-litre V6 engine. Enlarged to 3,091cc and treated to a mild porting job, this unit produced 148bhp, which was good enough for a top speed of 124mph with 60mph coming up in around 7 seconds.

Matt black bumpers, AVO-type alloy wheels, 'racing' stripes and a boot spoiler made the RS easily distinguishable from the Capri GT on which it was based, while beneath the skin the RS2600-type suspension had been softened somewhat to improve the ride quality. RS3100 production began in November 1973 and ceased in February 1974 when the Capri MkII was announced.

Today this rare model is one of the most highly sought after of all sporting Fords.

The previous owner and restorer of the car is well know cutomsiser, Andy Saunders, when he was a child his father sold Fords during the Escort Mk1 and Capri era. Immediately after his father's death in 2008, the previous owner bought this Capri 3000GT to restore in his honour. The floor pans and chassis were perfect so it seemed an ideal candidate for such a project. A local Bournemouth car, 'TRU 595J' might well have been owned and sold by his father. It was decided to restore the Capri in the style of its ultimate incarnation - the 3100RS - stripping the bodyshell back to bare metal and repainting it in Ford Sebring Red with correct black bonnet. The engine is a new 3100RS Stage 4 unit that has had only 200 miles put on its bores since the restoration's completion in 2009. A Janspeed exhaust is currently fitted. The previous owners book recounting the story of the rebuild comes with the car.

The car has a long tax and MOT, a superb history file and is ready to show or use.


1970 ford capri 3000gt 1

1970 ford capri 3000gt front

1970 ford capri 3000gt 2

1970 ford capri 3000gt 3

1970 ford capri 3000gt back

1970 ford capri 3000gt engine bay

1970 ford capri 3000gt interior

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