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1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000
(Featured on 23rd May 2014)

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: Spider
Year: 1979

Sellers original description:


In 1970 the first significant change to the exterior styling was introduced on the 1750 Spider Veloce, with the original's distinctive elongated round tail changed to a more conventional cut-off tail, called the "Kamm tail", as well as improving the luggage space. Numerous other small changes took place both inside and out, such as a slightly different grille, new doorhandles, a more raked windscreen, top-hinged pedals and improved interior trim.

1971 saw the Spider Veloce get a new, larger powerplant - a 1962 cc, 132 hp (98 kW) unit - and consequently the name was changed from 1750 Spider Veloce to 2000 Spider Veloce. The 1600 Spider restarted production a year later as the Spider 1600 Junior, and was visually identical to the 1300.

1974 saw the introduction of the rare, factory request, Spider-Targa. Based upon the Spider, it featured a Porsche style solid rear window and lift out roof panels, all made out of black GRP type material. Less than 2,000 models of such type were ever made and was the only part solid roof Spider until the introduction of the factory crafted hard top.

The 1300 and 2000 cars were modified in 1974 and 1975 respectively to include two small seats behind the front seats, becoming a "two plus two" four seater. The 1300 model was discontinued in 1977. Also, between 1974 and 1976, the early-style stainless-steel bumpers were discontinued and replaced with black, rubber-clad units to meet increasingly stringent North American crash requirements.

4,557 of 1300 Junior were made and 4,848 of 1600 Junior. 16,320 of 2000 Spider Veloce were made and 22,059 of 2000 Spider Veloce US version. 4,674 and 4,027 (US) 1750 Spider Veloce were made (this includes 'round tail' Spiders)


Originally sold in California, the car was brought to the UK and registered here in 1991. The car is in fantastic condition having never been welded and retaining the original floorpan and sills as they left the factory.

Having only covered 63,000 miles the Alfa is in great mechanical condition and has good water temperature and oil pressure.

An extensive plan of works has been carried out on the car, this year, successfully achieving a beautiful conversion to European spec including a brand new front bumpers, soft top and new interior. We have also modified the suspension which now includes fast road springs at the front and lowered rear springs giving it much better handling.

Repainted in its original and rare Nero Black, this Alfa Romeo Spider has been transformed into a stunning example and surely one of the best in the UK.

Mileage - 63,000
M.O.T - June 2014 (no advisories)
Tax - 12 Months
Fuel - Unleaded
Two sets of keys
4 previous UK owners
Carbs set up by Boggs Bros.
Comes with history and US reg document.


A comprehensive engine service carried out, including oil change, new HT leads and spark plugs.

We have fitted a reconditioned 5 speed gearbox (12 months warranty), slave cylinder and clutch kit from Classic Alfa.

Rebuilt rear brake calipers and recent discs all round.

Fresh clutch/brake fluid.

New fast road springs on the front.

New front shocks and ball joints.

Flushed cooling system.

Carbs have been re jetted and set up by Boggs Bros in Malton.

Powder coated cam cover and air filter housing.

Stable water temperature and good oil pressure.

Twin Weber dcoe40 are fitted with new air filter


The car has been repainted (£3000) to its original Nero black paintwork and looks stunning.

The most important thing when looking for an Alfa Romeo is bodywork and rust, the good news is there is no rust or corrosion anywhere, with the added bonus of never being welded and retaining its original floors, sills etc.

It appears to have been Zeibarted from new which explains the condition and should last for many years to come.


The carpets are from KHM in Germany and are of high quality velour.

This Alfa has the desirable rear lugagge area behind the front seats.

The centre console is new and includes a new gearknob and gaiter.

The tan seats and door cards are in very good condition having been changed in the last few years.

The dashboard is cracked as is usual for these cars. A dashtop cover is available if required at no extra charge.

The original jack is present and working.

The car comes with a leather tool roll including all the tools you might need.

It retains its original wood rimmed steering wheel which is in very good condition.


The lights all work without fault including the boot and glovebox courtesy lights.

Wipers, heater and hazard warning light works as they should.

A new battery was fitted last year.

A retro style radio is fitted and features spindle controls and USB connection.


The front bumpers are brand new and in perfect condition as is the grille.

The rear bumper is original and has some age related marks and scratches.

The door mirrors are new and the door handle are in good condition and work as they should.

The sun visors are in very good condition and includes vanity mirror.

The car features a stainless steel sports exhaust system (£800) which sounds terrific.


The roof is brand new in black fabric and is from KHM in Germany.

The hood raises and lowers without fault.


This Alfa comes fitted with the desirable Cromodora superlight magnesium alloy wheels restored and painted in black chrome which really look fantastic against the black paint.

All the tyres have plenty of tread.


1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 1

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Front

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 2

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Front Closeup

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Side

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 3

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Back

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 4

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Boot

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Roof

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Under Bonnet

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Engine Bay

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Engine

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Wheel

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Spare Wheel

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Underside

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Interior 1

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Interior 2

1979 Alfa Romeo Spider S2 Veloce 2000 Interior 3

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