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1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback
(Featured on 27th May 2013)

Make: Alvis
Model: 12/60 Beetleback
Year: 1932
Registration: CZ 277

Sellers original description:

1932 Alvis 12/60 Beetleback.

Chassis number 14579.
Engine number 10121.

I hesitate to ever use the term "Best in the World", but in the case of this Alvis Beetleback, if you have a better one we would like to see it! The car is simply stunning with absolutely everything that could be done, having been done to it. In recent weeks the engine has had £11,000 spent on it, a new spare fitted, the choke linkage set up correctly, new rear lights fitted, battery master switch put on etc etc etc.

Thus we find beautifully restored car where every single thing needing attention has been done. The car comes to us with a massive set of restoration bills with over £40,000 having been spent recently on the car which would total considerably more if all the additional labor hour were added in. Much of the work has been done by noted specialists with parts from the Alvis register. The engine has been totally rebuilt & balance & has just been run in. It is as smooth as any Alvis engine I have experienced, simply purring down the road.

The car is finished in Burgundy over black, with the paintwork being in beautiful condition. The interior is burgundy leather sewn up from three special ordered "Bridge of Weir" hides and is in as new condition. Matching burgundy Wilton carpet adds to the opulence. The leather extends to the rear wall of the cockpit & also to the delightful dickey seat to the rear. A split tonneau cover fits snugly over the cockpit.

The disappearing roof is simplicity in itself & ingeniously folds away under its protective cowl. Side screens are supplied although one would expect them to be rarely used.

The car drives faultlessly, starting easily & pulling well through the gears. Renowned for their performance when new, this car will easily keep up with & run with modern traffic on A roads; 60MPH being readily achievable.

The car comes with a thick history file including an original buff log book & all the restoration bills. It is ready to go & needing nothing. You have to see & experience the car to appreciate just how good it is.


1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback 1

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Front

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback 2

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback 3

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback 4

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Back

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback 5

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Wheel

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Engine Bay

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Interior

1932 Alvis 12 60 Beetleback Dashboard

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