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1968 Audi 80 Auto Union Variant RHD
(Featured on 31st May 2010)

Make: Audi
Model: 80
Year: 1968
Registration: RAL 837F

Sellers original description:

Rare 1968 RHD Auto Union Audi 80 variant

The car itself is an 1968 Auto Union Audi 80 Variant (F103).

She was found in 2007 by one of the Fifth Gear presenters lying at the back of a farm amongst several W123 Mercs looking rather forlorn to say the least. A deal was done 6 months later and I took possession of her and at the same time lost possession of all my senses and decided that she was going to have a full and sympathetic restoration to as near original as possible. Luckily, one week later I managed to locate a 1968 Audi 70L as a donor vehicle to make the restoration possible. The original engine was firing on 2 and and sometimes 3 but was basically shot and required a full rebuild, and what she got was nothing short of amazing.

Every nut and bolt of the engine was stripped, cleaned, renewed, new parts specially made up (at an expense I'd rather not talk about cos the wife might read it!!!)

She has been taken to 2 shows, Ultimate Dubs where she was invited to be displayed in their stock concours section in the main foyer and also to Ultimate Dubs where she won best Stock Watercooled. She has appeared in several Classic and VW magazines in the UK and Portugal, and she also had a full 5 page feature in June 2009's edition of Audi Driver Magazine.

The car has done 47k from new. Due to lack of history, this cannot be verified, but the fact that it's still alive today would probably make that about right!

She even comes with her original green log book as well as the new V5C and she will be sold with 12 months MOT if staying in the UK. Can also put 12 months tax on as she is tax exempt!!!

She has done less than 100 miles since the last one, and remains in secure storage.

The only deviation from factory on the entire car is the use of the twin choke carb from the Audi Super 90. Not for the extra performance though I might add, although she does have a healthy 80bhp!

Will only sell to a collector who appreciates what it is they are buying, although it would be nice if Audi UK could buy it for their West London showroom.

This is an extremely rare car. It is the only RHD Variant in the UK and there are only 3 known surviving RHD variants in the world.


1968 auto union audi 80 variant rhd 1

1968 auto union audi 80 variant rhd 2

1968 auto union audi 80 variant rhd engine bay

1968 auto union audi 80 variant rhd interior 1

1968 auto union audi 80 variant rhd interior 2

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