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1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica
(Featured on 2nd December 2013)

Make: Austin
Model: Mini Cooper S
Year: 1971
Registration: CTN 791J

Sellers original description:

An amazing 1971 (tax exempt) 1330cc race engineered / fully restored Mini.


This fully restored Mini has come onto the Market Due to unforeseen circumstances so is waiting for a lucky and privileged new owner. This is a very fast A series powered Mini and has had a lot of money and time spent on it to make sure its just right. Not only does it look the part but goes as well as it looks..... and the sound is just amazing.

MOT is due April 2014 and the Tax is renewed at the end of July, although that is Free.


Cylinder head is a 11 stud 12G940 big valve head, inlet valves are 37mm, exhaust valves are 30mm, valves are made by REC and are single collett groove, valveguides are REC colsibo bullet type, the head has been ported to a full race spec with balanced flowed chambers, giving a compression ratio of 11.6:1

Rocker assembly is a MED 1.5:1 alloy roller bearing set up.

Head studs are Mini Spares high tensile material, 11 stud.

Cylinder block is bored to +0.060” giving a capacity of 1330cc, deck height set at 0 at TDC.

Pistons are a diacast 6cc dish hepolite.

Conrods , A plus lightened , polished, shot peened, balanced fitted with ARP bolts.

Crankshaft is a MED A plus ground at 0.010” mains and BE's, tufrided then polished, the bearings are ACL 780 Duraglide lead copper heavy duty, STD thrust washers.

Flywheel is a MED pre verto steel ultra light weight, steel back plate, AP competition clutch kit.

The complete crankshaft assembly has been fully dynamically balanced down to 0.25g.

Camshaft is a Swifttune SW5-10 full kit, this includes double valve springs, steel retainers, competition cam follower, alloy vernier pulleys, duplex chain.

Gearbox is a MED CR straight cut syncro, helicial diff gears 3.44:1 and helical 1:1 transfer gears, centre oil pick up pipe, heavy duty bearings and steel cross pin diff.

The oil pump is a high capacity turbo type.

Cooling radiator is a 4 core Mini Spares super cool type and running a 74 degree thermostat.

Carbs are twin SU 1.5 inch new from burlen fuels, fitted with MED ITG filter, which have alloy sub stacks.

Inlet manifold is made by Maniflow.

Exhaust is a RC40 full twin silencer system with a LCB manifold.

The engine produces peak power at 5600rpm but holding power upto 7100rpm. The power starts coming in around 2200rpm, which makes this a very drivable car which is quite happy cruising around, but when you so desire really has the power to satisfy the most enthusiastic driver.


To compliment the look of the car, it has been fitted with 5 x 10 minator wheels shod with new Yokohama 032R semi slick tyres (fully road legal).

The suspension has adjustable hi-lo's all round,new dunlop rubber doughnuts all round and new gas KYB dampers. The rear has adjustable radius arm brackets, the front has 1.5 degree bottom arms and adjustable tie bars. The set up at the moment produces a surprisingly comfortable ride (for a fast mini) at the same time having very little roll going around the bends.

The front brakes are a cooper s disc brake set up with all new parts. The rear brakes were rebuilt with all new parts.


The interior has been superbly finished and will appeal to the enthusiast. From the moment you settle into the period OMP racing bucket seats and have in front of you the OMP suede deep dish steering wheel and the added rev counter it feels and smells very nostalgic, even down to the period LUCAS and CASTROL stickers which really finishes it off.


When this lovely Mini was restored approx 3 years ago, the shell was stripped back to bare metal inside and out. The shell was then treated with an anti-corrosion zinc coating. The
underside has been stone guarded. The shell has been finished in a high solids 2 pack paint finished in flame red with a gloss black roof.

It has then the finishing touches of the period stickers. (these can be removed if desired)

Although the restoration was 3 years ago, I would describe the condition as A1 and looks.

better in the flesh than the photo's.


1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica 1

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica 2

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Front

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Right Side

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Rear

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Engine Bay

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Front Interior 1

1971 Austin Mini Cooper S Race Replica Front Interior 2

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