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1989 Austin Maestro SL
(Featured on 21st November 2010)

Make: Austin
Model: Maestro
Year: 1989
Registration: F997 DFD
Mileage: 11,500

Sellers original description:

On the 24 February 1989 the first owner and only registered keeper of F997DFD, Mr D Bevin a gardener from West Bromwich in the Black country, travelled the 4 miles mile from his home to local Austin Rover dealers, Autosales Garage in Bilston, The purpose of his visit was to purchase a brand new Austin Maestro1.3 SL.

The new car was a gift to himself and would be the last new car he would purchase before deciding to bring to an end his driving career, he had opted for the 1.3 SL in the days best colour combination of blue over grey. Being the SL it came with a factory fitted sunshine roof, electric windows and central locking as standard equipment.

For the next Three years the car was used infrequently, and come time for its first mot test in 1992 it had covered 6,743 miles over the next five years the car covered only around 1,000 miles per annum and by 1997 had a mileage of only 11,249, the following year it travelled only 193 miles taking the mileage to 11,42miles, the next year only 27miles were covered, the following six years show the car covering one or two miles per annum when it was taken to and from the Mot station, in fact between the years of 2000 and 2005 the car only covered a further 15 miles.

The cars main function when purchased new was to take Mr Bevin to his part time job as gardener to a local wealthy gentleman who had always admired the car from the day it was purchased and had often said if you ever decide to sell it please let me have first option to purchase it, Finally that fateful day arrived when he decided to stop driving and good to his word the elderly gardener approached his boss and a deal was struck.
At this point the car was still as it had looked when purchased new been low mileage and bodily immaculate his boss decided to preserve such a lovely example and put it away in the corner of his garage were it hibernated until recently.

Despite not travelling very far the old gent always insisted that the car had an annual service at the Rover main agents regardless of how few miles he had travelled, The car also benefits from the main agents carrying out an unleaded petrol head conversion at a cost of £500.00 (receipt in service history) also from 3 years old at the same time each year an mot test was also carried out, All of these old M.O.T certificates are in the cars history file.
Original number plates, tax disc holder, cardboard window hanger welcoming the new owner to the car still remaining place to this day.
The complete service book pack is with the car including Super cover and Super sure membership cards.
A handbook/service book showing the 10 dealer stamps, there’s even a spare set of Phillips radio coded window stickers

Today the guaranteed mileage is just 11,500 and the car remains in totally exemplary original condition throughout. It is hard to believe that it is approaching 22 years old.


This is a very special Maestro that looks incredible, is totally original, has extremely low mileage, drives superbly and wants for nothing.

If you could turn the clock back 22 years this is basically what you would have got if you were to have walked into your local Rover dealer for a new one.

Even if you have not been a huge admirer of the Maestro up to now you definitely should consider this particular car as a show car for showing, simply put it would just be a case of show up and wait for your trophy or its importance in British motoring history as this surly is the best 1.3 SL or just as a shrewd investment. Kept in this condition its value can only increase over the coming years

If you are an aficionado then this is a must have car since you will have the best available and you just may never again get the chance to own another Maestro like this.

Remember, Cars like this one are just like land, god don’t make em any more.

In any event it will be of interest to collectors, Investors, And Car enthusiasts, alike.

If you are on the hunt for a daily driver I would respectfully suggest you look else were, as to press this Austin Maestro into daily service now in my opinion would be nothing short of criminal.


1989 austin maestro sl 1

1989 austin maestro sl 2

1989 austin maestro sl 3

1989 austin maestro sl interior 1

1989 austin maestro sl interior 2

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