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1986 Austin Maestro 1.6L
(Featured on 21st May 2010)

Make: Austin
Model: Maestro
Year: 1986
Registration: C432 MHK
Mileage: 15,035

Sellers original description:

An absolutely stunning 1986 Austin Maestro rare 1.6 L.

One lady owner and just 15,035 miles from new supported by old MOT’s & full service history from the supplying dealer.

Amazing original condition with all of its original panel’s, glass and factory applied paint finish.

Cherished, garaged and meticulously maintained amongst the very best available anywhere – worldwide.

Launched in March 1983 after 7 years in development at British Leyland’s Longbridge Plant the Maestro was a direct replacement for both the successful Austin Allegro and Maxi.

The original project number for the Maestro, ADO99, was latterly renamed LC10, sadly, finally closing the door on the long running ADO model numbering system first started in the Fifties.

The new Maestro was a mid sized hatchback and was part of a plan, formulated by then B.L. Chairman Peter Edwards, using Government funding to bring the company’s range of cars up to date for the eighties and to re- establish itself in Europe where the hatchback, mainly the V.W. Golf, was king.

Built in Cowley Oxford the Maestro followed a simple, tried and tested conventional layout of front wheel drive, transverse engine, end on gear box, and conventional suspension layout.

The Maestro was the last of the truly British Cars before the industry was taken over by collaboration with Honda and then latterly being virtually swallowed up by BMW.

As one of the very last new models to come from the Austin stable the Maestro has an important place in British motoring history. Good low mileage examples are becoming sought after and are hard to find.

C432 MHK

On the 30th April 1986 the first owner of C432 MHK, a lecturer at the University of Essex in Colchester, travelled the half a mile from her home on the island of Mersea to local Ford & Austin Rover dealers, Underwoods Garage. The purpose of her visit was to trade in her old Austin Maxi for a brand new Austin Maestro.

The new car was a gift to herself for her coming retirement and she had opted for the 1.6 over 1.3 engine as the garage had told her that it would be better suited for her having been used to the bigger Maxi engine.

She had chosen the best colour combination of Zircon Blue clear coat metallic with Ice Blue Trim. CMK MHK was not ordered new with any extras and none have since been added. The on the road cost according to the bill of sale present in the history file shows an on the road price of £6,931.45 an allowance of £431.45 was made for the Maxi.

Initially the car was used very infrequently for the short trips to and from the University. According to the service book by July 86 the car had covered just 2,164 miles. Soon after this date the owner retired and the Maestro’s use became even less over the next few years. By the mid nineties the annual mileage had dropped to less than 500. However, even with such low usage, the car was still regularly serviced by the supplying Dealers, Underwoods.

Original number plates, tax disc holder, rear window sticker and key ring remain.

By the turn of the century the owner had become in poor health and had, all but, given up driving. The 2001 M.O.T shows 14,832 miles and the March 2004 one 15,009. A letter in the history file to Underwoods confirms that the owner had to give up driving totally in May 2004 and that the car had not been used since.

Sadly the owner never became well enough to ever drive again and C432 MNK stayed in dry storage until her death late last year.

Today the guaranteed mileage is just 15,035 and the car remains in totally exemplary original condition throughout. It is hard to believe that it is approaching 25 years old.


C432 NMK is a very special Maestro that looks incredible, is totally original, has extremely low mileage, drives superbly and wants for nothing.

We know of only one other, that we have mentioned above, that can arguably better it. It has been loved, cared for and cherished from day one and is amongst the best, if not the best, of the rest.

Even if you have not been a huge fan of the Maestro up to now you definitely should consider car for either showing or its importance in British motoring history or just for investment. We think that kept in this condition its value should raise over the years

If you are a fan then this is a must have car since you will have the best available and you just may never again get the chance.

In any event it will be of interest to enthusiasts, collectors and investors alike.

It would also, however, make a fantastic ‘retro cool’ car for use on a day to day basis.

Taxed M.O.T'ed and ready to go/show.


1986 austin maestro 1.6l 1

1986 austin maestro 1.6l 2

1986 austin maestro 1.6l 3

1986 austin maestro 1.6l 4

1986 austin maestro 1.6l 5

1986 austin maestro 1.6l boot

1986 austin maestro 1.6l engine bay

1986 austin maestro 1.6l interior 1

1986 austin maestro 1.6l interior 2

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