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1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000
(Featured on 2nd December 2013)

Make: Austin
Model: Healey
Year: 1967
Registration: AHZ 3667

Sellers original description:

Finished in Sunburst Yellow & County Cream.


The car was originally purchased as a restoration project at what we believe to be around 1992, for £7,000. Work commenced over the proceeding years & was finished of by a mark specialist in 1999 / 2000 at an additional cost then of £23,000 which was a staggering amount of money then on top of all the other works. We can only estimate that the cars total cost was approximately £40,000 back in 1999. So today it represents great value, the way classic car prices have leaped forward.

Restored to a stunning condition, the cars speedo was then set to zero in 2000. MOT's over the preceding years show that this cars current 1634 miles are the total this car has traveled since. However, I have took a shine to this car, & will probably add another mile or two myself.

The car recently changed hands for around £40,000 just over a year ago, & the current owner then set about enhancing & servicing the engine, suspension, electrics, renewing any old bushes, making sure heater & electrics worked, choke, carb set up etc etc etc, the list goes on & on at Grimaldi Engineering. A total cost of over £8,000 in parts & labour has been recently spent.

To add to this we are going to take this car into our workshop for detailing work W/C 15/07/13, to include paintwork to one small imperfection (we are fussy), detailing to engine bay & underside on our ramp. We have also ordered a custom made hood envelope (cover for hood when down).

The car as you can imagine drives superb (I can personally vouch for that) & will be presented in tip top condition. All items such as overdrive, heater etc work (after £8,000 at Grimaldi you can only expect that). The car starts without the aid of the choke at this time of year (July) & I just love this car.

Believed to be one of the last production BIG HEALEYS, Just a joy.


1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 1

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Front

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 2

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Right Side

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Front Headlamp Grille

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Rear Light Chrome Bumper

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Wire Wheel

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Engine Bay

1967 Austin Healey MK3 3000 Interior

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