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1959 Isetta 300
(Featured on 18th December 2011)

Make: BMW
Model: Isetta
Year: 1959
Registration: 316 EYD

Sellers original description:

1959 Isetta 300.

Mileage: 38000.

Only 2 previous owners.

Beautiful classic Microcar. Freshly restored, a wonderful driving example. The Isetta was one of the most successful microcars produced in the post-World War II yearsa time when cheap, short-distance transportation was most needed across Europe.

In 1957, Isetta of Great Britain began producing Isetta 300 models at their factory in the former Brighton railway works under licence from BMW.

These particular cars were first registered in the U.K and have the unique single rear wheel as opposed to the twin. English built Isettas featured this unique trait so that owners could register them as motorcycles and avoid higher taxes. With space for two and their luggage, the Isetta 300 was perfect for the UK's urban and rural roads.

This beautiful 1959 BMW Isetta 300 was subject to a recent restoration consisting of new paint, new interior, all new front and rear window seals, new door seal, new chrome and much more.

Powered by a single cylinder 298cc engine and 4-speed transmission, the Isetta wont set any speed records, but will draw attention and a smile on everyones face.

This Isetta also features a reverse gear, an option not seen on all the cars built. The little Isetta runs and drives as it should.

Although it looks small in stature, two grown men over 6 foot tall can ride with comfort. It is being sold with its British registration.

These Isetta 300s have traditionally been a great investment and have continued to rise in value and popularity in recent years.

If you have ever thought of investing in one, now is the time to buy. Prices for quality examples are continuing to climb worldwide.


1959 isetta 300 1

1959 isetta 300 2

1959 isetta 300 3

1959 isetta 300 interior

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