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1985 BMW E30 323i
(Featured on 2nd December 2013)

Make: BMW
Model: E30 323i
Year: 1985
Mileage: 61,500
Registration: B502 YYX

Sellers original description:

Immaculate and stunning looking 1985 BMW 323i E30 in Zinnobar red. This car really needs to be seen to be appreciated. I cannot stress how good it is. To start with, when was the last time you saw a 1985 chrome bumper 323i E30, let alone one in this unmolested, 61500 mile, immaculate inside and out condition.

The car was supplied new by Park Lane BMW, you can see it on Park Lane BMW Classics display at the BMW Festival at Gaydon Heritage Museum last weekend. I must stress that the car is in no way connected to Park Lane BMW (apart from being supplied by them when it was new), but the lads on the stand were more than happy for me to park it up next to their display vehicles, and it certainly didn't lower the quality of their display. This was the cars first outing since it was put into storage in 2007.

The car was originally purchased by a fairly well to do gentleman for the princely sum of 8834.72 (I have the original Park Lane order form and final statement) It was fairly basically spec'd with the only options being a manual sunroof and green tinted glass. This was back in the days when every single item on BMW's was an optional extra, so it has steel wheels, manual steering , proper wind up windows, and an aftermarket radio cassette player! The basic spec of the car does not deteriorate from the driving experience at all. In fact with no extra weight from all the electric motors etc, it is about as pure as you can get. And it does drive absolutely lovely. It was a 50 mile round trip to Gaydon and back last sunday, and the car behaved faultlessly. Not bad considering it has been in storage since 2007. Which unfortunately was when the original owner passed away. The car was subsequently inherited by the gentlemans daughter, who did not use it. It sat in the garage until recently, when due to space commitments, she decided to sell it. I was lucky enough to purchase the car because a friend of my father lives next door. Knowing that I like BMW's (I have used an 88 320 as a daily winter driver for the last 7 years, and have owned many other BMW's over the years including an E24 and a 2002 tii) he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in this E30. After an initial inspection of the car, my original plan was to keep this one and sell my 320, but the more time I spent with the car after driving it home, the more I realised that it was far far too good to be used as a winter car. I can't justify keeping both of them so unfortunately for me, but very fortunate for the new owner.

It has a fresh MOT ( 11 months left ) but is currently SORN'd . The tax on my Audi convertible doesn't run out for a couple of months and I have been thoroughly enjoying the freak summer we have had this year, so there has been no need for the 323 to be used at all. In fact it has only done about 66 miles since I bought it.

Again , I can't stress how much this car needs to be seen to be appreciated. Everybody who I spoke to at the BMW Festival commented on how good it is. It was fully waxoiled when new and has been garaged its whole life. There is NO RUST ANYWHERE on this car. You can run your fingers round the rear wheel arch lips and they are exactly as they left the factory. I don't think it was ever used in the rain, its that good !


1985 BMW E30 323i 1

1985 BMW E30 323i 2

1985 BMW E30 323i Stand 1

1985 BMW E30 323i Stand 2

1985 BMW E30 323i Rear

1985 BMW E30 323i Engine Bay 1

1985 BMW E30 323i Engine Bay 2

1985 BMW E30 323i Front Seats

1985 BMW E30 323i Dashboard Steering Wheel

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