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1958 Buick Century
(Featured on 2nd December 2013)

Make: Buick
Model: Century
Year: 1958

Sellers original description:

This is a 1958 Buick Centuary. Apparently this particular model was only built for 1 year. The restoration is of a high quality.


The restoration has been done by a family team, mother, father & son. One a mechanic, one bodywork one trimmer, & it shows.

Restored over a 10 year period, the car had the works. A total nut & bolt restoration. The paintwork is metallic blue over cream. The chrome-work cost £6,000 alone, as you can see there is acres of it.


American cars seem to be fitted with so many features to early cars that only came to Europe later. It is fitted with electric windows to all four doors, power steering & power assisted brakes to name just a couple.


1958 Buick Century

1958 Buick Century Front

1958 Buick Century Front Closeup Lights Grille

1958 Buick Century Right Side

1958 Buick Century Left Side

1958 Buick Century Rear

1958 Buick Century Interior

1958 Buick Century Front Interior Dashboard Steering Wheel

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