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1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX
(Featured on 25th May 2014)

Make: Citroen
Model: Xantia
Year: 1994
Mileage: 17,000

Sellers original description:

For those Xantia enthusiast's amongst you this will be a wonderful new sight for you and hopefully it will become the new kid on the block at the various Citroen shows next year. As you can see from the pictures it is absolutely guaranteed to be a contender for the concourse events. Many of you will have seen the wonderful and indeed famous Xantia (Goldie as known to club member's) that I recently sold - well I never thought I would have a comparable Xantia through my hands especially so soon after the other car. The discovery of this car is amazing really as where as Goldie was a permanent club fixture and enthusiast owned this was just bought new by it's very careful lady owner as "a car" and thanks to her we now have a wonderful car that will hopefully be shown and seen. This is almost certainly the lowest mileage petrol Xantia in the country.

So to the car, well as you can see it is a VSX model which was the highest spec available back in 1994 and added to the standard VSX spec as extras from new where the wonderful beige or magnolia leather , metallic paint and the option of both electric sunroof and aircon. The standard spec includes,alloys (all have Michelin's),4 electric windows,abs,drivers airbag,central locking,steering wheel controls for the stereo etc etc.

The pictures hopefully portray this car to you, certainly the interior is so very striking, I doubt the rear seat has been sat upon, certainly it has not been smoked in. As many of you will know as well as being the CCC Chairman for this model of Citroen I also organise and judge shows so when I say the interior is in perfect condition I think you will realise how good it is. It does in fact still have that new car smell inside. Citroen over mats have been on it from new - they are in the boot just to show you the carpets.

Needless to say it drives perfectly, the 4 speed auto is as smooth as silk. The power steering makes for an easy drive. The suspension rises and falls as it should. It leaves no fluid puddles. It performs well and the 2 litre is so much more refined than the diesel. The car could easily be used every day as a modern classic, it is akin to driving a new Xantia 20 years ago as I did when I was at a Citroen Main Dealer. I took it for a new MOT and it passed with no advises, with huge plaudits from the tester.

You can see the bodywork is excellent with just some very minor chips/scratches etc none of which would show in a picture. It has never had any paintshop bodywork rectification. There is definitely no semblance of any rust.

I have sold 6 show winning cars this year and am confident this car will be picking up prizes next year if that is what you want to do. It can be minimally improved upon which is nice as the new owner can put their mark on it. For me apart from the amazing interior the really wonderful thing with this car is that the plastic insert strips on the door mouldings which nearly always pickle up and look horrible until replaced with the Stainless steel ones - on this car they are as good as the day it left the factory and they are original, it is amazing to see and no Xantia could have better mouldings on it - not anywhere in the world.

So to the history of the car, as I said earlier it is 1 lady owner, not a demo, not ex Citroen U.K - the V5 says 0 former keepers. It has the original service book with the following services; PDi, 2976 miles 24/1/96 , 6566 miles 30/4/97 , 8409 miles 31/3/98 , 10306 miles 18/5/99 , 11989 miles 12/10/00 , 12200 miles 12/2/01 , 13928 miles 19/6.03 , 16262 miles 22/10.07 , 16677 miles 24/10/08 , 16911 miles 15/10/09 , 17086 miles 20/10/10 and 17507 miles on 25/10/12 which was just over 200 miles ago and was a full service. So 13 services in less than 18,000 miles!

Pricewise I think this represents outstanding value for an excellent modern day classic. Obviously the Xantia replaced the BX and it would be twice the price if it were a comparable BX.


1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX 1

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX 2

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX 3

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX 4

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Boot

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Under Bonnet

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Engine Bay 1

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Engine Bay 2

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Front Interior 1

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Front Interior 2

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Front Interior 3

1994 Citroen Xantia 2.0 VSX Rear Interior

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