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1990 Citroen BX14TE St. Tropez
(Featured on 8th July 2012)

Make: Citroen
Model: BX14TE
Year: 1990
Registration: H723 GDP

Sellers original description:

As regular viewers of Classic Citroen's will note this beautiful BX remarkably follows on from some other superb BXs I have had recently - where do they keep coming from I hear you ask?!

This car has the potential to be a concourse challenger it really is that good. The bodywork appears completely original, I can not see anywhere that it has had any paint rectification, there is the odd minute chip but 100% no rust anywhere and 100% no dents of any size.

It came to me direct from its Octogenarian owner who has decided to hang up his driving gloves. He had it from just over a year old and It has been extremely well cared for and kept in a garage.

It was a Citroen U.K car originally.

When I got the car it had done 29,000 miles but as I like to give these old cars a good test out it has topped the 30,000 mark. One of the journeys I made in it was to Hydraulic Specialist Pleiades to have new front spheres fitted as I felt a bit too much bounce in my experienced opinion. Whilst there Martin also thought the Accumulator should be changed so a new one was fitted too. When the car was on the ramp Martin did comment has superb this car was with an excellent underside that has never been welded and has no blemishes, he also remarked all the pipework was excellent. When on the ramp it made you appreciate how superbly straight the car is down the sides too, in fact it is arrow straight.

The car has every old MOT from new except 2010's which can be traced on the VOSA website and the invoice for it is present too. The car had done 24,991 on the mot of 5/11/93 so you can see the gentleman covered just approx 5000 miles in 20 years owning the car. He could not find the servicing records but as he always took it to the same garage he got them to reprint all the invoices since they were computerised in 2003 (he always had it serviced prior to this too). These show 9/12/03 full service and mot 28,982 miles, 3/11/ 04 interim service full valet and winter check 29,263 miles, 30/11/04 mot and new suspension pipe 29,295 miles,1/12/05 cleaned vehicle checked levels,charge battery and mot 29,514 miles, 1/12/06 wash and polish car,mot and fit new cv gaiter 29,675 miles, 29/11/07 mot fit new cv gaiter 29,779 miles, 2/12/08 interim service, cleaned vehicle mot 29,808 miles, 28/7/09 wheel balance and tyre repair 29, 851 miles, 3/12/09 annual service minor valet,mot,new spark plugs 29,876 miles, 16/9/10 not pumping up so cleaned pump filter and bleed system 29,925 miles, 2/12/10 annual service minor valet ,mot 29,936 miles and 5/12/11 mot 29,959 miles. As you can see it has been over serviced for the minimal mileage covered.

The car does of course sit on the correct Michelin tyres.

Being the 1.4 engine it has some really good benefits such as the road tax will be a bit cheaper, they are quite economical and in my opinion probably the biggest advantage is they have a manual choke .The petrol engine BX always had issues with the automatic choke which is often why BX petrol engine cars can be poor starters - this car is not. In fact it is mechanically A1, I do not make such statements light heartedly.

The St.Tropez was a so called special edition by Citroen in the early nineties all based on the 14 TE model. In the day they were just a low spec affordable model but today they are somewhat retro being in the best colour of today with clean sharp attractive lines. I remember vividly in June 1990 going to Bramley Park Garages, my local Citroen Dealer, for a meeting as they were buying out my CX Business and whilst waiting I was listening to a salesman trying to sell one of these brand new in the showroom - when asked by the customer what the features of the special edition were he started to stutter and cough after mentioning the different seats, colour coding and stripe! Yes thats right it is a Citroen that does not have electric windows or central locking - perhaps that was the special bit as the central locking and electric windows always goes wrong in the end!! It does still have the original Blaupunkt stereo and original wheel trims - it is remarkable one of the valve covers is still intact on the hubcaps.

As you can see the engine bay is in superb order as is the boot compartment. The back seat looks barely used. The drivers seat does have evidence of 3 small ash burns which are all on the same section of fabric so if you were of the concourse mind you could get a good trimmer to remove some of the matching fabric from a discreet place and put it in - i have had this done many times before with success.The bumpers are not discoloured and are bright just like the paintwork which has no faded areas.

Price of BX Models are steadily rising probably because more of the dross has been scrapped and good cars like this are coming to light - if you think logically any excellent condition car with just 30,000 Miles on the clock that can be taken to shows with pride and a chance of winning should be worth more than £1500. Certainly an Allegro in this order would be more and whilst I have no issues with an Allegro it is fact that a BX is a better car - even a Lada Riva would be this money or more! I think this car, and indeed any really good BX is a good investment.


1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez 1

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez 2

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez 3

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez 4

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez 5

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez boot

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez engine bay

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez interior 1

1990 citroen bx14te st.tropez interior 2

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