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1985 Citroen BX 19 GT
(Featured on 24th May 2014)

Make: Citroen
Model: BX 19 GT
Year: 1985

Sellers original description:

With a very heavy heart. My gorgeous BX 19 GT. Covered just 6570 miles from new.
"How?" I hear you ask. Don't really know. The car came to light last year when it went to auction. You can probably find via Google images of when it was sitting inside a large garage just before it saw the light of day again. It was dusty, had a scratch to a rear wing and needed gently recommisioning. The enthusiast (well known to Citroen owners) that bought it said to me that he was determined to buy it no matter what the bidding went up to. After that he saw to the scratch with a first class job (no one will be able to find the area in question), 4 new Michelins and the usual fluids and filters to get it purring again. This car hasn't been restored. It just looks almost as good as new naturally.

It's a beautiful, beautiful car. Interior in particular is amazing.

There are a couple of things I should mention ...

These are:

Very small ding in the bonnet

Rev. counter doesn't work. Just think it's stuck from non use but I'm not about to take the dash out to investigate

And that's it. I'm currently monitoring a small oil leak from between the sump and block but was able to tighten all the relevant bolts so that might be the problem there. As my garage says ... 'it's not worn out, it's not been used!'.

There's not a huge amount of service history. A couple of MOTs, the original service book with stamps, original receipt, manual and a few receipts. No one that has seen the car, though, will have any doubt as to its provenance. Two owners from new.

Since I've had it I've been content to admire it. It did get a run to the National Citroen Rally and also the Midland Section Rally (winner of Best in Class award). It's also just come back from starring at the NEC Classic Car show. It drives incredibly smoothly and quietly, by the way.

Now I find I need to sell because of an unexpected property purchase and loss of storage in a few months time. Thought I'd be owning this for a loooooong time.

MOT runs out July 18th 2014. Tax runs out end of April 2014.

I hesitate to say that this might be the lowest mileage BX in the UK and the closest you'll ever find to owning a 'new' BX as you never know. There might just be something out there just as incredible. Would you bet on it?


1985 Citroen BX 19 GT 1

1985 Citroen BX 19 GT 2

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1985 Citroen BX 19 GT 6

1985 Citroen BX 19 GT Dashboard Steering Wheel

1985 Citroen BX 19 GT Interior 1

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1985 Citroen BX 19 GT Rear Interior

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