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1996 Daimler Six 4.0
(Featured on 3rd December 2013)

Make: Daimler
Model: Six
Year: 1996
Registration: P237 DEP
Mileage: 21,000

Sellers original description:

This is a Daimler 6 cylinder 4 litre long wheelbase not to be confused with the troublesome V8. It was registered in September 1996 and is one of the very last straight six cars. It was a fully loaded car with most of the options available at that time including the sunshine roof which slides and tilts. The headlining is perfect as are the four luxurious leather seats which remain unmarked as one would expect from a family car owned from new, one one insured driver from new! I have the old service records and m.o.t's to prove the very low mileage and I have all it's books and even the hand over video. The car is exceptionally quiet and very economical giving over 36 m.p.g. The underside of the car is as clean as the top and the engine bay is also very clean. No rust no dirt anywhere the arches are as clean as the day it left the factory. This is a special occasion use car only. The interior has the original lambs wool over mats which cover the carpets that have never been stood on! The picnic tables remain unused and the rear seats adjust at the touch of a button. The car starts first time and could drive anywhere in Europe today without any worries. The wheels are unmarked and the tyres are in top condition (spare unused). It has not been drilled for 1990's phones and looks as fresh as it did in 1996. I have the original bill of sale. I doubt you will find a classic anywhere as good as this is and it must be one of the best in the UK. I have both sets of keys and the tools under the bonnet still have the plastic on them.

This car is so much better than any of the new Bentley's I owned in the 1990's and to date.


1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Front

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Side

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Rear

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Engine Bay

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Front Interior 1

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Front Interior 2

1996 Daimler Six 4.0 Rear Interior

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