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1965 Daimler V8 250
(Featured on 10th August 2012)

Make: Daimler
Model: 250
Year: 1965
Registration: FEA 224C

Sellers original description:

Daisy, our beautiful Daimler V8 250 in Regency Red (NOT the horrible orangey red so may old classics were as you can see from the photos). Possibly the best available in the UK and ready to enjoy.

Daisy was originally first registered in 1965 according to the registration document. It was eventually laid up in a barn where it was discovered and sold for restoration. Over the next 3 years the previous owner stripped the car back to a shell ( I have photos printed on paper of this, alone with a huge file of bills for part and work carried out).

The restoration really was a labor of love as the end result demonstrates.

The engine is still to be run in having only completed just over 700 miles, it had a full oil and filter change at 600 miles.

It has been completely rebuilt with a balanced crank and engine machining done by Chesmans in Coventry. (Steve and Andy best engineersaround). New heads were used with sealed valve stems etc.

Runs beautifully as you would expect.

The Gearbox was rebuilt by G Whitehouse in Midlands.

Interior trimmed by Aldridge trimming.

Brakes by Classicar.

All suspension renewed or restored.

Rebuilt back axle.

Stainless steel exhaust.

New chrome or re-chromed except front bumper.

New veneer and lacquer.

New power steering rack - makes parking a LOT easier

12 Months MOT

12 Months Road Tax (which of course is free anyhow)

Restored period radio (with iPod lead) note that radio is not connected, i removed the horrible new one that came with car,so just needs to be connected, all the wires , speakers etc are there and worked with old CD radio, I have a copy of the heritage certificate, which shows all numbers match except the number plate which is not original. Its original number was RK3600 which sadly was sold prior to being put in the barn. I believe it is possible to get DVLA to issue a date related number, but having dealt with them before I simply could not face the form filling required!

So, there we have it, one rust free Daimler 250 that with sympathetic care will go on for the next fifty years. As you can see she is not a concours museum piece, she's a real working car, but should the new owners wish it could be further improved on with little effort.. This is a genuinely reluctant sale forced by the death of our Tractor, which has to be replaced so this will go toward financing it :-(


1965 daimler v8 250 regency red front

1965 daimler v8 250 regency red back

1965 daimler v8 250 regency red engine bay

1965 daimler v8 250 regency red underside

1965 daimler v8 250 regency red interior 1

1965 daimler v8 250 regency red interior 2

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