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1981 Delorean DMC-12 Vin 510 Unique Prototype RHD
(Featured on 29th May 2011)

Make: DeLorean
Model: DMC-12
Year: 1981
Mileage: 9,000
Registration: 1 JZ 81

Sellers original description:

This DeLorean DMC-12 is the 10th car ever made, and the oldest production car still in the UK.

It was the the first prototype Right Hand Drive car, out of less than 20 original R.H.D. produced, and has still only covered just over 9,000 miles from new!

The car has a fascinating history, some of which you can find if you go to: the UK DeLorean Owners club website ,  ....then click on information.....then on RHD. its all there.


The factory started production in January 1981, when the first few cars were made.

By the end of 1982, with about 9,000 cars produced, but only half sold, it was in receivership and closed.

In 1982/3 most finished cars were sent to the USA, but a few very early examples and all of the RHD models were sold by British Car Auctions, around the UK.

In 1984 as the factory was being cleared out completely, the receiver got together the last 6 very early test /prototype cars, sent them through the workshop, where they were re-built / finished off. (see youtube, "Car Crash the DeLorean story", the last section) Where you will see the factory workers talking about finishing off these last 6 cars, including Pilot 24 and this car, vin 510 which had at that time covered 3,763 miles as a test vehicle.

These cars were the very last cars sold, at the very last factory auction in May 1984.

Vin 510 was bought by Robert Holmes-A-Court an anglo Australian Multi-Billionare. He eventually shipped it back home to Australia in 1988. Where it was eventually bought in 1993 by another collector.

I bought it in March 2008. Where it was taken straight to Chris Nicholson at PJ Gradey in Essex, who did numerous jobs including re-brushed the cars Stainless Steel.

When I got the car home, I un-did a few of the "modernisation" jobs done at the factory, to return it to its original specification.

Its has a huge, fully documented history file, which also proves its current mileage of 9,250. All MOT's from both UK and Australia.

It is in show condition and runs beautifully. It has recently had new brake pads and tyres. The old tyres still look like new and can be included, but they are 30 years old!

A real piece of History that should only appreciate in value.


1981 delorean vin 510 unique prototype rhd 1

1981 delorean vin 510 unique prototype rhd front

1981 delorean vin 510 unique prototype rhd 2

1981 delorean vin 510 unique prototype rhd back

1981 delorean vin 510 unique prototype rhd interior

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