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1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special
(Featured on 25th May 2013)

Make: Ferrari
Model: 308 GTB
Year: 1978

Sellers original description:

A rare opportunity to own one of the most modified well known reliable and correct racing 308s.

The car started life as a 1978 308 GTB carburetor, steel bodied, RHD, was taken to Racing Fabrications Ltd in 1989 to the order of Paul Berman, to build a state of the art modified race car. Also to conform exactly to the championship regulations the car was taken down to a bare chassis and a tubular full length roll cage was integrated to the original chassis along with many other upgrades, and bespoke works this also giving exceptional stiffness.

The original steel body was then used as a mould to produce a full Kevlar body for the car, simply stunning, all inner panels/bulkhead panels where made in alloy and bonded/riveted.

The car was then completed along with all upgraded rolling gear and engine/transmission and in its first race finished 2nd at spa, the car campaigned for seasons, where it proved a 100% reliable race winning Ferrari.

The car was then purchased by the next owner, John Lloyd and the car was upgraded to a degree and once again proved fantastic in all areas. It was then brought by the 3rd owner, the car then under went its next and current upgrade/specification change, and this spec is as the car is now, this included wishbone upgrades, Konis, new larger AP brakes all round, new uprights, up rated rack, roll bars, wheel up grades and also engine and transmission upgrades with associated parts, PI dash/logger, change from Gotti wheels to 17inch Compomotive wheels to accommodate the updated larger AP Racing brake kits front and rear.

Engine was built brand new by Bob Houghton Ltd, as a full spec racing engine, including up rated pistons, Carillo rods, big valve heads and head works, and all other correct spec parts. Engine produces 340bhp and is safe to 9250rpm, also fitted new is a Michelotto close ratio gearbox, with interchange drop gears 208turbo diff re worked, and a AP multi plate competition clutch. The engine was then re built by A.R.T and has had only 3 races since this was carried out.

The car was then used for the 97/98 season and proved to be reliable and once again a race winning car, the car was then put into correct storage in 2003 and purchased by ourselves in late 2011. The car is now fully back up together having had a substantial amount of work just carried out, inc oils/filters belts, pumps and many associated parts changed.

For the car to be race/use ready all that is needed is the update of safety equipment, and a small amount of associated parts.


1978 308 gtb o/m class Kevlar bodied bespoke race car.
Houghton/A.R.T engine 340bhp safe to 9250rpm will run if needed to 9500rpm.
Michelotto gearbox 208turbo re worked diff AP clutch upgraded drop gears.
Rolling gear full upgrade Koni sold shim distance piece wishbones.
AP Racing alloy bell front and rear brakes.
AP Racing air jacks fitted.
O.E. Ferrari chassis with full integral roll cage and major upgrades.
Droop limiters/roll bars/new uprights/rose jointed rack/updated rack.
9/10inch wheels split rims.
Alloy polished panelling.
Bespoke exhaust system/manifold.
Polycarbonate windows/ducts driver heat/cooling system.
Twin alloy tanks/alloy baffled dry sump tank, all other fittings/tanks/bespoke to car.
Uprated rad, twin Setrab oil coolers car fully built with Aeroquip lines/fittings.
Car weight is 900kg [wet] to reach the challenge weight the car was ballasted to 1125kg.
Pi dash with temps, tacho, lap times also intercom system fitted, Elliot tacho/ Racetech gauges.
AP masters with in car adj bias bespoke switch gear and dash.

Eligible for Ferrari Pirelli open and many other fantastic events in the UK and abroad.

Above is a very brief insight into the car and its spec, a stunning rare car, the cost to build this car now to this current specification would be huge, in both the amount of work/parts and to carry out a full body mold/Kevlar body works. I have not seen another 308 built to this level before, and to prove as reliable as this is.

Lap time wise to give a good idea of the performance level the car is at, it would lap Castle Combe before the chicanes where added at 1.05/1.06 and at that time the F40s where lapping at 1.04s with the current Combe with its chicanes the car was lapping at consistently at 1.12s, so this gives a true gauge on the level of this car, and its performance, stunning when looking at 360/458 lap times.

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1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special 1

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special 2

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Back

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special 3

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Side

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Wheel

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Ap Racing Brakes

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Engine Bay Roof

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Engine Bay

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Under Bonnet

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Race Car Special Interior

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