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1984 Fiat X19 VS
(Featured on 25th May 2013)

Make: Fiat
Model: X19
Year: 1984
Registration: A428 BJB
Mileage: 19,068

Sellers original description:

If you have been searching for one of the finest Fiat X19’s available, then I believe your search is over as this stunning example is not only in amazing original, unrestored condition but it also drives and feels almost like a new car. In addition to this it has one of the most comprehensive and detailed history files that this writer has ever seen. Combine all of this with its low ownership history, low mileage, an average of just 681 miles per annum travelled (just 19068 miles in 28 years) and I believe you have a genuine one off opportunity here not to be missed.


Well as far as history goes it does not get much better than BJB’s and it’s pretty much all documented from new. BJB has had just three owners from new (with one having owned BJB twice!) and was purchased new by a successful businessman as a gift for his wife, a Mrs W Selwyn of Alton Hampshire, through Fiat main dealer Clover Leaf Cars on the 1st March 1984. Interestingly there is a picture of BJB outside Mr Selwyn’s factory when new looking resplendent in its colour scheme of red over metallic charcoal or to give it its correct Italian name Rosso over Grigio Scuro Met.

Clover Leaf’s original bill of sale shows that BJB was fitted with dealer extras of Fiat Mudflaps and a special fit of a Blaupunkt Hamburg PB radio, both of which are still fitted today as original. Talking of original features BJB also still displays its Clover Leaf original tax disc holder, number plates, windscreen sticker and supplying dealer plate on the passenger side inside sill.

For Clover Leaf Cars and BJB, this would be the start of a continuous relationship as for the next twelve years, despite only travelling around 4,000 miles in this time BJB was religiously maintained and serviced by the main dealer. I have listed below the main service history from new to this day with accumulative mileages which demonstrates quite clearly how meticulously each owner has looked after BJB, which ultimately is why BJB is presented in such fine and original condition today. I have also listed the MOT history contained within the file that again clearly demonstrates the limited usage over the years.

After 12 years BJB was purchased by a Mr Fergus Powell on the 7th December 1996. Fergus I am led to believe is well known in the Fiat X19 owners club and was a founding member back in 1984 and has a small collection of excellent X19’s. After only about a year BJB was purchased by a Mr Keith Jones a Solicitor based in London at which point BJB had covered only 6000 miles. On the 10th September 2006 Fergus agreed to purchase BJB back from Keith who in 10 years of ownership had travelled only another 4,000 miles in BJB totalling a little over 10,000 miles. Today, a further 6 years later BJB has continued to be fastidiously maintained, regardless of cost and has just reached an incredibly low 19,068 miles in 28 years.

Major Invoice History:

01.03.1984 Clover Leaf new car sales invoice (0 miles)
14.06.1984 Clover Leaf first service invoice (835 miles)
19.02.1985 Fiat Annual Anti-Corrosion Report (1465 miles)
12.03.1986 Fiat Annual Anti-Corrosion Report (1835 miles)
05.11.1986 Clover Leaf service invoice (2166 miles)
26.02.1988 Clover Leaf service invoice & schedule notes (2644 miles)
12.02.1990 Clover Leaf service invoice & schedule notes (3518 miles)
04.03.1991 Clover Leaf service invoice (3745 miles)
25.02.1992 Clover Leaf service invoice (3816 miles)
02.03.1993 Clover leaf Brake inspection (3847 miles)
28.02.1994 Clover Leaf service invoice & schedule notes (3882 miles)
24.02.1995 Clover Leaf service invoice (4029 miles)
31.10.1997 Montroe Fiat service invoice (6522 miles)
06.06.2000 Xtra X19’s ltd unleaded head conversion (8347 miles)
14.09.2006 Alternative Autos X19 Specialist parts invoice (10389 miles)
18.10.2006 Faircrouch Garage service invoice (10389 miles)
20.04.2007 Faircrouch Garage Oil service (11108 miles)
07.12.2007 Faircrouch Garage Antifreeze (12523 miles)
12.06.2008 Faircrouch Garage maintenance (13399 miles)
03.09.2008 Faircrouch Garage service (13971 miles)
10.06.2009 Faircrouch Garage Brake service (14746 miles)
28.08.2009 Faircrouch Garage engine tune (15135 miles)
27.11.2009 Faircrouch Garage Service (15573 miles)
08.09.2011 Faircrouch Garage maintenance (17945 miles)
25.11.2011 Faircrouch Garage oil service & maintenance (18274 miles)

MOT History:

26.02.1988 88-89 MOT 2644 miles
28.02.1989 89-90 MOT 3404 miles
12.02.1990 90-91 MOT 3518 miles
05.03.1992 92-93 MOT 3816 miles
10.03.1993 93-94 MOT 3847 miles
28.02.1994 94-95 MOT 3882 miles
01.02.1995 95-96 MOT 4032 miles
01.02.1996 96-97 MOT 4065 miles
04.02.1997 97-98 MOT 4510 miles
16.02.1999 99-00 MOT 7205 miles
06.06.2000 00-01 MOT 8347 miles
29.08.2001 01-02 MOT 9494 miles
07.05.2003 03-04 MOT 9495 miles
28.06.2006 06-07 MOT 10207 miles
30.08.2007 07-08 MOT 11996 miles
28.08.2008 08-09 MOT 13971 miles
28.08.2009 09-10 MOT 15135 miles
20.08.2010 10-11 MOT 16588 miles
01.09.2011 11-12 MOT 17896 miles
31.08.2012 12-13 MOT 18900 miles

Also within the history file are all the original books, with the service book fully stamped up by Fiat main dealers, a Selection of previous tax disc’s, the oldest dating back to 1989, a copy of the original log book and a current red style V5C (log book).

Bodywork & Paintwork:

Quite often I have to state that the images of a particular car are maybe a little flattering, but in BJB’s case I would say the opposite is true and that it actually looks just as good if not better ‘in the flesh’. The careful ownership history as previously mentioned along with the sensible continuous maintenance has helped to maintain BJB in almost ‘factory fresh’ condition. Having listened to Fergus’s detailed knowledge of this X19 from new and having myself been able to inspect it thoroughly, I can say with confidence that not one panel has been repaired or replaced, it is all original panel work. The paintwork also has been depth tested by my local paint detailer using a Positest digital depth gauge which indicates a consistent paint depth of 125 to140 microns on every panel bar the rear boot lid which has a consistent depth gauge of 215-230 microns. These readings would indicate that all the paintwork is original, with perhaps the rear boot being painted possibly on a different run in the factory. There is one small spot on the driver’s front wing, near the arch which has a slightly different reading and this would tally with Fergus informing me that he had to have a small mark painted on that wing. But apart from that I would say it’s all original, which is quite simply amazing!

Overall, as you can see, the paintwork is stunning and has a beautiful deep lustre to it. Perhaps what is just as impressive is when opening the boot lid, bonnet and doors you are presented with gleaming paintwork on all the apertures. As far as I can see there is no penetrating corrosion within BJB, far from it, on the whole it’s like new. The darkness you can see in the rear boot wells at the very bottom, is just some of the anti-corrosion coming through. The paintwork is not perfect however and on closer inspection you can spot the odd stone chip that has been neatly touched in here and there and both the doors had bump guards fitted at the top, that when removed took a little bit of paint off, this has been neatly hand touched in. Also when looking with a keen eye you can see the odd ‘dink’ probably no more than 5 or so and you have to be looking hard. On the very bottom edge of the nearside door and the outside edge of the nearside front wing there is a little movement in the paint and there a small number of tiny blemishes here and there. None of this takes away from the overall stunning impact of BJB’s appearance and actually helps, in my opinion, to show how original it all is. You could, with very little fuss have these small imperfections dealt with but it’s a tough call on keeping it 100% original or making it 100% perfect.

The bodywork as previously mentioned is all original and has been helped no doubt by having Fiat’s Cryla-Gard anti-corrosion system applied to the entire underneath and into closed aperture’s when new.

This came with a 6 year guarantee and has without question worked. The entire underneath is still neatly finished with this system.

Interior & Fittings:

Like the rest of BJB the interior is highly original and is pretty much unmarked. Finished in black with black leather seats everything just shouts originality, from seeing the Clover Leaf tax disc holder to switching on the original Blaupunkt radio it all feels correct and everything is working as it should, all the instrument’s and lighting work perfectly. The switch’s and levers when applied all have a nice positive and as new feel to them. The spare wheel which is located behind the driver’s seat is unused and still retains its sidewall sticker. The only points to mention are the driver’s door seal has perished a little in places, the metal door stay that holds the door open failed and could do with replacing and the reflector on the driver door has just chaffed the paintwork very slightly on the inside. Also a little storage box has been fitted between the two seats, which is useful but not original and the small plastic surround on the inside, door release catch is missing. All of which is relatively minor and easily rectified.

Externally all the light fittings, rubbers, badges and plastic fittings are generally like new, again probably best demonstrated looking at the gallery images via the link. Only the front bumper silver lacquer has a couple of ‘fly hit’ blemishes and the rear bumper, just below the number plate the black plastic has curved up ever so slightly. Underneath the rear boot lid the original paint code stickers are still in place and whilst the original Fiat Mudflaps are still fitted a couple of them do have little pieces missing on the bottom edge.

Mechanics & Drivetrain:

Mechanically BJB is very strong with an incredibly smooth engine and gearbox. The years of constant, reliable servicing and tuning have helped keep BJB as close as possible to what driving a new Fiat X19 must be like. Everything is working as it should. The engine bay is clean and tidy allowing for pleasurable future maintenance for whoever is to continue looking after BJB. The brakes have recently been inspected and serviced and work very well, In fact there is nothing to my knowledge that requires any attention. All the new owner will have to do is keep up the sensible programme of preventative maintenance to enjoy what will no doubt be, many years of trouble free, fun motoring.

Driving Experience:

The Fiat X19 is an underrated little sportscar that combines classic Italian styling with excellent performance and handling, producing overall a great car to drive. With a pleasant mix of modern performance, refinements and classic lines, the Fiat X19 is a sports car capable for everyday use or just for some weekend fun. Whichever it is, the simple and quick fitting targa top design allows for a pleasant experience every time whether it’s on a motorway or country road. Classic car/modern car open top motoring at its best? Possibly.

Once started and with a little heat in the engine BJB settles down to a nice steady tick over. The clutch action is nice and light whilst selecting every gear is precise and easy. Driving along the 1500cc engine pulls really well, with a nice progressive power band. The steering is light and responsive. The fun really starts when cornering, as the handling is so well balanced and nimble that it gives you loads of confidence too push just that little bit harder through the twisty bits that it just has to put a smile on your face. You will struggle to find a better driving example than this one.


This is a very subjective matter and open for a lot of debate I am sure. I think it’s important to stress that this is not a restored or repainted example. Please do not compare this example to the many average ones that come onto the market, this is a one off. It is highly original with an incredible documented history from new with very low mileage and ownership.


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1984 Fiat X19 VS History

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