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1973 Fiat 126
(Featured on 10th February 2011)

Make: Fiat
Model: 126
Year: 1973
Registration: 0KT 664M
Mileage: 28,000

Sellers original description:

Beautiful fully Restored Classic Fiat 126 !

Reg 11 December 1973 on a Suffix M Reg plate

Car has covered just 28,000 miles And comes with MoT due 27 October 2011, taxed til 30 April 2011

The engine is a 650cc upgraded Two cylinder air cooled coupled to a 4 speed manual gearbox

When I bought the car I drove it home via a couple of stops on a journey covering just over 200 miles on the same day.

I filled the tank up which cost me £18.76 and took around 15.5 litres to fill and used a little over two thirds of the tank to complete the journey.

The car sat quite happily at 50 – 55mph all the way home, it never missed a beat, it was a joy to drive.

The total restoration of this car has been completed over a period of years and works includes:

New Set of wheels.
New Tyres.
New Wheel centres.
New Carpets & headlining.
White tyre portawalls.
Engine stripped, reconditioned & retuned.
Full respray inside and out costing £981.00 with receipt.
Schutz protector added inside wheel arches.
And black anti stone chip on bottom 3” of the car.
This work was completed in 2007 and has stayed good to this day.
New brake Master Cylinder, wheel cylinders, shoes, etc.
Gearbox serviced & oil changed.
Italian Flag Viper Stripes added.
There are receipts for new brake cables.
Hoses and other parts purchased.

There is also a Haynes workshop manual.

There is also a large plastic container with a stack of new and used parts in it which will go with the car.

Seats have been removed and recovered in new vinyl and carpets all renewed as well as headlining.

There is just the speedo dial with fuel gauge at the bottom.

No heater fan but all the ducting is fitted to the heat exchangers and the heat comes through very quickly and the demister is warm air coming through the ducting assisted by naturally rammed air from the front and the result is very effective and quick demisting of the windscreen. I was surprised how quick it worked!

The ignition key is used to bring up the lights and starting the car is done by pulling on one of two levers located down between the front seats, while the other lever is the choke.

Handbrake operates as normal...Heater vents are opened by reaching behind the drivers seat and moving a small lever in the open or closed position depending on choice.

The Fiat 126 is a very quaint machine full of character and charm and unique in looks & style and with the viper stripes it really is a Head turner !!

This particular outstanding example is in excellent restored condition in every way and is ready for the road bringing years of fun and faithful service to a new owner.

The photos were taken on 4 February 2011 so they are current up to date.

With a long MoT and nearly three months tax fully sorted and ready to go !

Easy to drive, easy to park.

Extremely economical and cheap tax with low mileage.

This Fiat has got years of life left in her.


1976 fiat 126 1

1976 fiat 126 2

1976 fiat 126 3

1976 fiat 126 4

1976 fiat 126 5

1976 fiat 126 6

1976 fiat 126 7

1976 fiat 126 8

1976 fiat 126 side

1976 fiat 126 engine bay underside

1976 fiat 126 interior

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