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1974 Fiat 124
(Featured on 3rd December 2013)

Make: Fiat
Model: 124
Year: 1974
Registration: UHW 808N
Mileage: 16,000

Sellers original description:

Fiat 124 Saloon 1974. One of the last of these to be sold in UK showing a genuine 16000 miles on the clock in unrestored mint condition. This is a reluctant sale of a very rare car, what an amazing find. I've had this car for 5 years. This car actually had under 10 K miles on it in 2008. The car has an excellent documented history from 1974 with every detail including where petrol was bought and quantity filled into the tank. The car also have been waxoiled from new, and from what I can see the previous elderly couple didn't even take this car out in the rain. Also for many years when the car was not used, it had its wheels removed, and was stood on axle stands. Everybody knows what Fiats of this vintage are like for rust. When you look at this car, you may aswell be going back in time to 1976. And even then, you would of been doing well to find one in this condition. The seats have seat covers and a whole lot of other period extras fitted at cost from the original Fiat dealer included a factory fitted Radiomobile radio, Tachometer,and only seen fitted on the 124S at the time is a rear screen demister. All of which are taken for granted today offcourse, but was bling bling stuff back in 1974. I'm selling the car now, as I havn't really used it much over the last 3 years, apart from short runs to the shops to keep it lubricated.

Seriously Fiat and classic car fans, you will not find another 124 saloon like this in a hurry in the British Isles.


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