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1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth
(Featured on 26th May 2014)

Make: Ford
Model: Sierra
Year: 1987

Sellers original description:


The commanding exterior of this RS Cosworth is breath-taking and nothing short of simply magnificent. Finished in rare Ford White the paintwork boasts a deep gloss shine from the original, unrestored factory finish. All exterior trim, glass and lights remain free from damage as does the vulnerable front splitter. The unique silver coachline and RS500 badges applied to the front wings and tailgate are still present. The engine bay is incredible in its originality and condition, and boasts all the correct engine and chassis identification numbers. The original dealer fitted number plates are supplied the car and the supplying Ford dealer rear window sticker is still present. A truly incredible car in an astonishing preserved condition.


The interior of this RS500 is simply beautiful. Finished in Ford Roma Grey (code S2), the Recaro seats and carpeted door trim are in remarkable condition with no wear or discolouration and completely commensurate with a very low mileage example. The driver’s seat bolster still has a soft velvet feel and the carpets are spotless and having been protected by carpet mats. The interior equipment and trim is original and free from any modification or additions. All dials and gauges operate perfectly and show healthy readings, The dashboard is immaculate having suffered no cracks or discolouration. The first aid kit is still in its protective film and the supplying dealers tax disc holder attached to the front screen. The boot is factory fresh and has two front fog lights as given by the Ford dealer. A fantastic 1980’s interior, the embodiment of driving pleasure and excitement.


The Cosworth YBD-Series 2.0 litre, 16 valve twin overhead camshaft, four cylinder, fuel injected, turbocharged and intercooled engine which in road use, (as per this example), is tuned to develop 224 bhp. Features over a regular Cosworth include a Garrett T31/T04 turbocharger, twin fuel injectors for each cylinder, pressurised oil cooling for each of the engine’s pistons and a larger capacity oil and water pump. Expect 0-60 in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 153mph. The gear changes are crisp and tight.


Correct and undamaged factory fitted 15 X 7 inch aluminium alloy (ATS) wheels are shod in Dunlop SP Sport 2000 205/50 R15 tyres. The original Dunlop Sport D.40 tyres come with the car but have been removed to preserve them. The spare has never been fitted and is immaculate. Four wheel disc brakes with ABS and a hydraulic booster stop the car with confidence.


Supplied by Ford main dealers, Premier Motors in the Isle of Wight, to the first of just two former keepers, Gabriele Rafanelli. The wealthy owner of Motor Sport Team Bigazzi and serial car collector. It remained in his care at his French home largely unused before being sold in 2006 with 8,500 miles to Eckhard Lips, the Chairman of Cosworth Club Germany. The third and final UK owner is now offering this car to an appreciative individual seeking one of the best examples which appear on the open market rarely.

Two keys fit all locks and ignition on original leather dealer fob, Ford book pack in the white A5 folder MOT January 2015.


1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 1

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 2

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Front

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 3

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 4

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Side

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 5

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 6

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Back

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth 7

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Boot

1987 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Engine Bay

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