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1983 Unique Concours Ford Sierra Mark 1 2.3 V6
(Featured on 9th February 2011)

Make: Ford
Model: Sierra
Year: 1983
Registration: HAR 434Y

Totally unique MK1 concours Sierra 2.3GL V6 1983 "Y Reg"

This car originally belonged to my father who bought it in May 1988 after his death in May 1994 it was kept in the garage and never turned a wheel for 4 years until In 1998 i decided to restore the car and concour it with a few little modifications along the way .. little did i know this was to be a 12 year labour of love restoration to the finished result you see hear today.

Bodywork .. fully stripped to a bare shell and bare metal primmed and painted inside and out also underneath was red oxide primmed before the top coat of green added to manufacturer colour inc engine bay, boot etc the paint work alone was £4500.

Engine .. Fully rebuilt ..V6.. using all genuine ford parts ie: starter motor, alternator, fuel pump, water pump, top and bottom end rebuild new heads, camshafts and block re skimmed all new electrics, brand new sump and new hoses servo unit brakes system, heater matrix, coil, leads right done to the spark plugs the list goes on and on ..... everything is NEW! .. a brand new clutch was also fitted while the (manual) gearbox was out. 

Underneath .. fully painted and powdercoated ie: fuel tank. driveshafts, propshaft, spring hangers, suspension inc .. new jamex springs and struts, also car is fully polybushed, .. the underneath is a work of art to which im very proud of.

Outside .. brand new front and rear bumpers, side mouldings all genuine ford! new lights all round and windscreen, mirrors right done to the Ford badges.

Interior .. fully trimmed leather seats at a cost of over £2000 brand new dash and all plastics etc .. even the carpet is new along with the boot lining and boot carpet and Mint jack! .. even the ford radio is the original one.

wheels and tyres .. Again brand new (Unmarked) set of (5) in classic design 5 spoke MiM alloys which are in the era of the cars production these have Yokohama 215/45/15 tyres also all the brakes all round and calipers/discs/shoes/drums are brand new genuine ford only covered 400 miles.

Exhaust .. Full custom made one off stainless steel and sounds so deep and rich with many people asking if the car is cosworth powered because of its note.

To sum up this a has been a total labour of love i car that I've been restoring over 12 years at my own pace .. its a total 1 off very very RARE to see, the car was only finished in June 2010 and as only covered 400 miles since then and drives like a dream, and even now smells like a new car too! the 400 odd miles have attracted so many admirers and photo takers etc ... its a talking point wherever it goes ... so If maybe you are looking for something very different and a piece of classic vintage champagne motoring that can only in my view invest in a little value as the years pass.. this is perfect! .. ideal for say the summer show season as the car as NEVER been shown to the world and im sure it would be up there in the 1st places at the shows if you entered it, as I've never seen many MK 1 concours within the last 5 or 6 years now .... or alternatively just use for your own personal enjoyment on a sunny weekend as you will be owning and driving something totally unique RARE and BEAUTIFUL .. the Mk1 Seirra is now a classic car now not seen on the roads and the 2.3 GL was the rarest of all the models variants that Ford produced within its range .. so its with a very heavy and somewhat saddened heart that im having to sell as due my age 64 im in a little ill health and not really able to enjoy the car as to be perfectly honest when i started the restoration back in 1998 i was thinking about a couple of years but instead its been 12yrs ..ok at my own pace, but I've decided to let her go i would really love the car to go to a fellow collector or someone that will cherish and look after her after all these loving years within my father and then my own care .. for she's been in my family for over 23yrs and still only has 1 previous owner to date on the logbook, in total the restoration as cost me probably in excess £20.000 over the years and being sold at a fraction of this. the car is probably worth much more in parts i know, but this is something i could never do is to sell this way ...

car will be sold with a full MoT till June 2011 and Tax till June 2011 (when it was completed in June 2010) all you have to do is drive enjoy, polish and admire. .. i also have many spares included in the sale inc ... MINT MK1 UNCRACKED DASH ... new headlights. coils. steering wheel. hoses and original wheels. along with various smaller items I've collected along the years. Must not forget!!!! it also has a full CaT 1 Alarm fitted for you peace of mind for insurance issues to which i have her on a classic policy of 2000 miles a year under £250

I think the best thing that was ever said to me was the MoT tester as when it was finished and went for its MoT after nearly 17yrs off the road he said "Its like going back in time as when the car came off the production line in 1983 but even cleaner and better" ... I suppose that sums it up rather nicely :-)


1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 1

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 2

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 3

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 4

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 5

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 6

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 7

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 engine bay

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 underside

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 front seats

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 dashboard

1983 unique concours sierra mk1 2.3 v6 rear seats

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