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1957 Ford Popular 103E
(Featured on 5th December 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Popular
Year: 1957
Registration: GEJ 331

Sellers original description:

What an opportunity to own one of the most admired 103e's around. The car was restored around 20 years ago I have owned it for 19 of those years and a testament to how good that restoration was as she still wears that paint which still shines virtually as well as when I bought her in 1994.

This car has been an absolute pleasure to own and drive she is the focus of admiration when ever you venture out and about in her. Everyone of a certain age has tales of when they went to Blackpool in an Uncles car in the 1950's or 1960's. If you think that you are going to get away with nipping to the shops in her, forget it someone is going to want to talk to you about her or compliment you in some way. I can honestly say that when you are out with the car it is not a journey but an event, She even commands respect on the road as most people tend to let you in and tend to give you time and space and for them to appreciate the car.

The reason why I am selling is that she does not get used enough. For the past 19 years the mileage that I have covered is ridiculously low. I usually re commission the car every 12 months with the intention of selling but once I get her going and take her for a spin I fall in love again and think to myself I will use her more this year. This year I am determined not to let hat happen, So buy it quickly as I may change my mind. With a sale in mind this year I have taken her for an MOT which she passed with flying colours with no advisories, I do not think that an MOT is required as she is over 50 years old but I thought it a good indicator of how sound that she is. I have had the battery replaced with a new one a new fuel pump fitted as the old one did work but allowed fuel back into the tank and it was necessary to re prime the pump every morning when you needed to start her up, which was a bit tedious. I am confident that this car is robust mechanically and without any rot in the chassis or anywhere in the body.

The car as with all things could be improved. If I was not selling and had the time I would probably do a concourse restoration as it would not take much to bring her upto that level.

I have talked about the engine and mechanical elements of the car the other essentials like lights horn indicators all work as they should enforced by the granting of an MOT.

Moving inside the car it all starts with that particular smell of 50 year old bakerlight and vinyl in perfect condition. The seats are very supple with no cracks or tears the floor pads are the same original and in great condition and the period red patterned vinyl in contrast to the colour of the body is fabulous. The bakerlite is all intact no cracks or chips which underlines the years of care that this car has had. The headlining in the car is reasonable but to be honest I have never liked the colour it is a mottled pattern and I would change it for cream. There are two small holes where the seem has come apart an easy fix and I will try and get it sewn back together before any prospective viewing.

There are a pair of Trafficators on the car which at the moment are decommissioned. In the 1960's these became illegal and kits were sold for these cars to upgrade to a more modern flashing indicators mounted on the wings front and rear. I would assume that the trafficators were decommissioned at that point, it would be nice to have these working again which would not be too arduous a task as they are in very good condition when removed from the casings. I cannot believe how much these now go for on Ebay you are looking at £500 to replace these.

The registration number on the car has a value of £2,500 it comes with the car and I would never think of splitting the reg and the old girl.

There is a starting handle and a jack that comes with the car a spare wheel obviously, housed in a rather generous boot.

In my opinion the colour combination of this vehicle is by far the best. Every other version of this car of merit that I have seen is black, a colour that does nothing for it at all. I have never seen another fawn beige car for sale in this condition so you will be getting a rare car.


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