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1988 Ford Granada Scorpio 2.9 i V6 Automatic
(Featured on 17th December 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Granada
Year: 1988
Registration: F533 JTM
Mileage: 33,406

Sellers original description:

1988 Ford Granada Scorpio 2.9i which is fitted with an original, rare, RS bodykit and set of RS alloy wheels. It has had two previous keepers and covered a genuine 33,406 miles. The Granada has a full MOT until December 2011, is taxed until the end of February 2011 and is HPI clear. It runs and drives very well, as you'd expect given the mileage, and is phenomenally comfortable and well equipped for a car of its age, making it a great classic commuter.

The Granada was built to support Ford's position in Europe as a direct competitor to Mercedes-Benz and BMW executive saloons, with standard equipment including air-conditioning, cruise control, full electric and heated leather seats, a trip computer and more. It was the first mass-produced car to feature ABS braking across the range and was widely praised for being an excellent drive while being quiet, comfortable and spacious - consequently winning the coveted 'European car of the year' award in 1986, beating the Mercedes-Benz W124 saloon. 

Facts & Figures:
- Engine: 2.9 litre fuel-injected V6, two valves per cylinder
- Transmission: Four-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
- Steering: Rack-and-pinion power assisted
- Suspension: Independent all round with coil springs and telescopic dampers
- Braking system: Assisted front & rear disc brakes with ABS
- Power output: 150bhp (110kW) at 5700RPM
- Torque: 171 lb.ft (231Nm) at 3000RPM
- Top speed: 124MPH
- 0-60mph: 9.8 seconds 
- 50-70mph: 5.9 seconds
- Standing 1/4 mile: 17.6 seconds at 80mph
- Urban mpg: 19.5mpg
- Motorway mpg: 32.1mpg (75mph cruise)
- Average mpg: 25.8mpg
- Seating capacity: 5 (four inertial reel seatbelts and 1 lap belt fitted)
- Length: 4.67 meters (183.8 inches)
- Width: 1.77 meters (69.5 inches) excluding mirrors
- Wheelbase: 2.76 meters (108.7 inches)
- Weight: 1435kg (3164lb)
- Price new: Approximately £21,325 inc. VAT and special car tax.


F533JTM has covered 33,406 miles and had two previous keepers - the second owning the car since 1991. The original service book has five stamps in it, all from the same garage, up until 20,463 miles - after which it was maintained on a regular basis by a local garage. The car is also HPI clear (current certificate included) and it has not been involved in any accidents, been stolen, or written off.
The original owners handbook and stamped service book are supplied along with an old-style V5 from the previous keeper, an as-new Haynes manual, some MOT history, a few miscellaneous pieces of paperwork, an HPI check and the V5c - which is correctly registered in my name. Also included is the original RS locking wheel nut kit, as well as the factory jack and wheel brace. One set of keys and a matching RS keyring is supplied with the car. 
The car would benefit a small interim service (plugs and oil) in the next thousand miles but is otherwise in healthy order with good coolant, fresh brake fluid and recent transmission fluid, which is clear and red. All tyres (including the spare) have excellent tread and the battery is a recent Halfords item.


The Granada is finished in Ford's diamond white and benefits from an optional RS bodykit and alloy wheels (including the spare), which sharpens up the looks considerably and makes it look remarkably like a Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth - but scaled up.

Externally the car is in presentable condition although it would benefit from a decent detailing session. There are some blisters on the rear wheel arches, two of which have broken through, and there are a few minor areas where paint has previously been touched up that could benefit from improvement. As you'd expect there are some minor marks and chips, just from general age - but nothing that overly detracts from the appearance. A weekend's worth of work would probably see most of these minor issues resolved and the correct matched paint kit is available direct from Paints 4 You for approximately £30.
The front windscreen, which is free from any major damage, does have some delamination (where it turns a milky colour) along the top edge. It does not interfere with your view in any way, as it is relatively minor, but it is something that would require replacement of the windscreen to correct. The rest of the glass, including the fully-operational sunroof, is in excellent condition.
Underneath the car is in solid with some surface rust in line with age. All the alloys are sound but would benefit from refurbishment as they have some lacquer lift - although the matching spare alloy is in excellent condition. The tyres, including the full-sized matching spare, have only seen a few thousand miles so have plenty of tread. The original jack, wheel brace and locking nut keys are all present.


The interior of the Ford is in very good condition and trimmed in full 'Raven' dark grey leather. It is soft, supple and extremely comfortable with only minor wear in line with age. The carpets and interior plastics are all also in great shape, with no splits in the dash, and a full set of original fitted Ford rubber over mats are included which have barely been used and are in excellent condition. 

The Granada was extremely highly specified when new, to compete with its German rivals. It comes with electric tinted windows all round, an electric tilt-and-slide sunroof (with retractable blind), cruise control with wheel-mounted controls, electric seats front and rear, pneumatically adjustable lumbar support on the front seats, heated front seats, an adjustable steering column, adjustable front and rear headrests, power steering and ABS, a trip computer with various functions, an outside temperature gauge, a clock, timer and calendar, an audio alert for low fuel and failures, an ice alert system, a bulb-out warning system, central locking, a high-quality (for the eighties) radio cassette stereo with graphic equaliser and speaker fader, heated front and rear screens, electric mirrors, adjustable intermittent wipers, front and rear foglights, front and rear footwell illumination, lit vanity mirrors, corner markers and puddle lights for all doors, headlamp washers, rear wash-wipe, front and rear cigarette lighters & ash trays (unused), a tape cassette holder in the centre armrest and numerous cubbyholes - such as a change draw just under the steering column.

There are only a few faults that I am aware of - as far as I can tell (due to the cold) the air-con doesn't seem to work, although the button does light up when pressed. It may just be that it needs a re-gas but no guarantee is given. Secondly, the heated front windscreen is intermittent. I believe this is to do with a weak contact along the top of the screen, caused by the minor delamination as previously mentioned, as it does work when it is cold. The rest of the electronics, including the cruise control, all work as intended.

Four inertial seat belts are fitted, along with a centre lap belt. All the column stalks and switches work properly and the whole car feels very put together. All the controls are placed within easy reach of the driver and everything is intuitive and easy to operate. There are no fluid leaks that I've noticed and the interior remains dry even in heavy rain. The rear seats, which feature an armrest for passenger comfort, fold down easily, making the already spacious boot cavernous.

The Autocar review of the Granada praised the impressive and luxurious interior, noting its flexible driving positions, excellent legroom and first-rate boot space, even noting how the doors closed akin to those of a much more expensive luxury car.


The Granada's big six, being fuel injected, starts on the key almost immediately - even if it's been parked for a week or two in sub-zero conditions. On the road it drives very well, with the powerful Cologne V6 driving through an excellent four-speed automatic transmission, which has clean shifts and a quick kickdown for overtaking.

The engine starts easily hot or cold, doesn't leak or smoke and it does not overheat, even if left standing for long periods. The only noteworthy point is a minor exhaust blow which is most noticeable when cold. There are no odd noises from the powertrain and the whole car runs and drives very smoothly, as you'd expect.

The Granada has power steering and all-round disc brakes with ABS which stops the Ford without issue and there's no odd wandering under braking. All the suspension is in good order, with no clunks or rattles over bumps. It has lost a wheel weight recently, which leads to some wheel wobble briefly around 40mph then between 70-80mph - but this would be easily rectified.
Overall it's extremely easy to drive and it never fails to put a smile on your face - regardless of whether you're cruising in the fast lane or making rapid progress on cross-country roads. It has no issues with daily use and makes a great long-distance cruiser. 
What Car? stated that "in respect to handling, ride, steering and brakes, it can truly be said to be excellent....with reassuring precision and high standards of road holding it's much smaller-feeling and quicker to handle than its bulk suggests. At all times the Scorpio is a very comfortable car to travel in."


Overall this is a very usable example of the increasingly rare Granada, with plenty of equipment and a strong powertrain. It runs, drives, steers and stops very well, with a comfortable and quiet interior, making it an ideal daily driver that requires minimal effort - simply get in, turn the key, slot it into drive and off you go. This would make an ideal retro eighties car for someone, for either classic shows or simply to enjoy and use on a daily basis. This particular example is made even more rare with its low mileage and factory RS options - with a little time and effort this Granada could be made into a real show-stopper. It could even be ideal for a Ford collector with its low miles and rare options, or make an interesting alternative to a BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz 300E or Jaguar XJ6 of the same era.

Parts availability and support for this car are good with online retailers such as ECP offering all the service parts required to keep the big Ford on the road - and the car isn't difficult to work on or service yourself if so inclined. There are also several owners clubs who can help you maintain and improve the Granada as you choose. Insurance, although it varies depending on the driver in question, is usually inexpensive due to its classic nature, with policies available from as little as £150 upwards.

These cars are only going to increase in value as good examples start to dwindle, with many falling prey to poor maintenance and structural corrosion – and in this rare specification, even more so. If more power was required, you could always track down one of the original Turbo-Technics conversions, which offered upwards of 225bhp, taking the 0-60mph time down to 6.9 seconds and the top speed to over 145mph, while the 0-100mph sprint could be completed in 17.5 seconds, offering executive luxury with superior performance. Even as is, however, it's great fun to drive and never fails to attract attention and positive comments - after all, when was the last time you saw one on the road?

Autocar summed up the Granada as being "a hard car to fault - in comparison with rivals its strong points are ride and handling, plus, as exemplified by our test car, build quality. Ford now has its answer to other large saloons, and a very competent answer it is."


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