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1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus
(Featured on 5th July 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Fiesta
Year: 1986
Registration: C463 VPC

Sellers original description:

Our passion is 80's fords and these are now becoming very collectable and rapidly rising in price and genuine cars now are a rarerity and if you can find one you have to have it as another genuine car will not come along too soon.

Where to start, this car has not had an MOT for over 17 years ! The dealer registered it to themselves for the first few months as a demo then a last bought it back in 1986 she has owned it since, she gave up driving in 1994 i believe so sat in the garage since. Unfortunately the lady passed away and her son inherited the land and the estate as he was clearing the garage out he moved a few boxes and some piles of stuff to reveal this little fiesta ! He couldnt find the logbook or anything so had to apply for one in his name.

We purchased the car from him to renovate which we have been doing for the last few weeks to get it back to its former glory and be used like it should be.

When it came in we decided we were going to overhaul the braking system completely as brakes were not good but when we went to get it we put a battery on it it fired up after 3 turns !

Items we have replaced are as follows:- New front brake pads, new front brake discs, new front flexi hoses, rear brake shoes, all wheel bearings re greased, new rear flexi hoses and both rear brake cylinders. We the decided to service the engine it also had a noisy water pump where its been sat so we replaced plugs, leads, rotar arm, dissy cap, new wate rpump, new thermostat whilst we was there, new air cleaner element, its had a complete brake fluid change, a fresh dose of antifreeze drained and refilled, we have drained all fuel out and refilled with new fuel, its had tie bar bushes on both sides to the front, its had the wheels refurbed, and the plastics rather than putting silicone all over them we have had them refurbed where they were faded slightly, all nuts and bolts have been taken apart and lubricated and put back together, there is no leaks from engine. its had new oil and filter and there is 2 centre caps missing we have ordered that will be fitted shortly. And its had a new mot put on it. All it failed the mot on was tie bar bushes plus front indicators not working it was a bad earth so will have its retest in the next couple of days, we are also taxing and including 6 months road tax so you are free to drive the car away.

The car underneath is completely solid and has never ever been welded garaged since new 1 proper owner since 1986, it has the original 4 michelin MX tyres on it all jack and wheel brace present

Engine purrs beautifully and starts instantly, its got manual choke, no modifications at all, gearbox and clutch all perfect, tyres all good and no advisories on the MOT ! The mot tester said he could fault it at all and could not find one advisory.

Saying this its not totally imaculate i never describe a car as immaculate unless its fully restored or brand new it has the odd minor mark if your fussy the odd chip but nothing majorly noticable, its drives like new and you will not find another one as genuine as this, i wont say you wont find a cleaner one thats had work but to me clean and genuine are two different things.

We were told by the last owner his mum only had one bit of paintwork done on the car and that was a nearside front wing has been fitted at some point as she touched her garage door and bent the arch so the garage fitted a brand new wing to it and had it painted apart from that its not had any other paintowrk at all.

We have machine polished the car several times to get a gorgeous shine back with some expensive mopping compound, plus a special polish to get rid of mop swirls then a nice coat of autoglym polish to finish so looks stunning.

As you can see a very genuine car with a genuine 24,000 miles from new grab it whilst it cheap you wont find another.

Look at what we have spent on the car overhauling it, the cost of the mot and taxing it for the new owner you will possibly find a cheaper one but not as genuine as this one we have spent best part of a week day in day out making sure its right for the new owner and able to be used everyday if need be any questions please ask or for a viewing by appointment please call 01424 538012

Dont miss out these are climbing in price very rapidly, the mk1 fiesta is getting very scarse now (we do have one we are currently working on too) so people are opting for the mk2 more and more now, its very cheap on classic car insurance and unlike the new cars you can actually work on it ! 15 minutes to change the waterpump its great !

Under the bonnet very clean no rust at all not much more i can say really you get the point of what its like.

Wouldnt take a lot to get it concours if you wanted to or a very clean cheap daily driver.


1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus 1

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Front

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus 2

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Side

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus 3

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus 4

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Boot

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Engine Bay

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Front Interior

1986 Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1 Popular Plus Rear Interior

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