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1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford
(Featured on 5th July 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Fiesta
Year: 1981
Registration: PUF 282X

Sellers original description:

If you know your Fiesta's, then this is one of the most famous and recognisable ever built !

The car has been Classic Ford featured and was used for the great unveiling at Classic Ford show 2011, it has been invited to go on the the Supersport registar stand at the past 2 Classic car Motor show events

I have hundreds of photo's of the restoration, it has won 1st prizes at various car shows and always gets loads of attention at every show it goes to.

This is the only genuine Fiesta supersport Crayford known to exist, there is known to be one or two others built, but they have not been seen for many years.

This car has been fully restored

It had the bodywork done at the Fiesta Farm, a sacred place for mk 1 Fiesta's

It had new wings, front panel, bonnet, inner / outer sills, front and rear floor pans, chassis rails, new box section for strengning due to roof removal, new doors, complete inner / outer rear quarters, boot floor.

The car has been fully re-painted everywhere, underneath with the use of a spit

New stripes where fitted

All 5 wheels have been re-furbed and fitted with new Pirelli P6 tyres

The bodykit has been re-furbed

The interior is genuine material, not pattern and is in superb condition

The dashboard is mint

The hood is mohair with a beige liner, the wooden frame has all been replaced with new and the metal frame re-chromed

All the lights are NOS genuine Ford items straight out the boxes

The exhaust is NOS genuine 1300 item, the manifold and downpipe are NOS and painted by Zircotec, so no flaky paint and NOS heatshiled also painted at Zircotec

The front shocks are NOS genuine Ford, new standard springs, new NOS bottom arms and bush's also NOS ford ball joints

NOS genuine Ford steering rack with NOS track rod ends

The rear shocks are NOS genuine Ford with new springs

New petrol tank

The engine is a Harris 1400 with xr2 cylinder head, it has done approx 1500 miles

It runs on unleaded with forged pistons . It runs like a sewing machine, it really is the quitest crossflow i've ever owned.

It has a brand new webber carb fitted, NOS genuine ford leads and plugs, NOS distributor

The car was set up on Aldon automotive rolling road and is also fitted with their electronic ignition, but you can not see and it looks totally standard.

There is a NOS Ford radiator, and also new heater matrix

All the bolts are new and have been zinc/yellow electroplated as per standard.

All the engine cradle and rear beam have been stripped and re powder coated

The gearbox has been totally stripped, cleaned and re built with new bearings and all the linkage re electroplated

The brakes are all new on the rear, NOS genuine Fod drums, NOS Ford wheel cylinders, NOS genuine Ford brake shoes NOS rubber hoses

The front brakes where re-furbed by Bigg Redd brakes in Worcester and have NOS Ford pads in and new hoses

The brake lines are an original set which where in superb condition and used to get the original fit which were then stripped and repainted with new unions

There are very few seconhand parts that have been used on this car, but where they where they were always stripped back to bare metal before being re-coated

There have been 1000's of hours spent on this car and also £1000's

If you have ever tried restoring one of these cars you will know that you can not just buy all the parts, even if you wanted too, they are just not for sale.

It took me years of collecting to accumulate everything needed and a lot of years of experiance with building these cars to get this car to this standard.


1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 1

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 2

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 3

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 4

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 5

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford 6

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford Engine Bay

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford Underside

1981 Ford Fiesta Mk1 Supersport Crayford Interior Seats

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