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1990 Ford Escort RS Turbo Fast Ford Feature
(Featured on 16th May 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort RS Turbo
Year: 1990
Registration: C6MYS

Sellers original description:

Ford Escort RS Turbo

As Featured In Last Months Fast Ford Magazine

Full Exceptionally High Standard Nut And Bolt Rebuild

Below Is The Article Written Up In Fast Ford Magazine Which Pretty Much Explains Everything About Car....

RST’s have a rep for being rough around the edges, this one is smoother than a velvet snooker ball.

Being smooth isn’t all about walking into a bar with two ladies on your arm, ordering a Pina Colada and being able to drink it without feeling a bit “suspect”. You can do it with your car too. Whole car scenes have been built around the smooth look. It takes a surprising amount of effort to get it right though, and often only the true aficionados can spot the level of work and the details. But that’s the point! And when they do, the well earned appreciation and respect is quite rightly given. It’s modifying but making it look factory, not shouting about things, digression and quality is paramount.

Paul Campbell has gone to town on his Escort RS turbo, making it smoother than a freshly waxed Roger Moore covered in baby oil. Having long been and RST fan, in particular the S2 flavour, he knew exactly what he wanted and went all out to create something rather special. “I’ve had them before and I was at a time where I really fancied getting into another project” remembered Paul “my first S2 was a bit rotten so I wanted to get myself a nice solid one that I could work with”. A search began on the usual forums and websites before he found one relatively local in Ayrshire. It was worth a look. “it had a genuine 34,000 miles on it. The engine was dead which didn’t bother me as I knew I was going to get a proper engine built for it anyway. With it being a non runner it was at sensible money too!” Paul smiled “I’m not sure the lad knew exactly what he had or how good of a condition it actually was, compared to the rest of the market. It was straight and solid and the interior was really fresh and tidy, not the usual tired sagging type. It made me want it. The perfect base to start with”

With the blank car shaped canvas back at home, Paul began making some calls. “I wanted to do it all in one go. No messing around in stages. I had a head full of ideas already; it was just a case of working out exactly what I wanted and making it happen. The plan was; a 1980’s car that looked and drove like a brand new one!”

A call was put into RS Turbo guru’s Sitech, echoing what we have heard before. Paul seemed to totally be on front man Simon’s wavelength “He was such a genuine chap! As soon as I started speaking to him I knew we were on thinking along the same lines. I wanted around 300bhp at the flywheel from the car, but I didn’t want an engine that was right on it’s limit all the time, it had to be reliable. Able to take it, while still being nice to drive!” A tall order, but something which Sitech are building a solid reputation for doing.

With the serious engine spec being drawn up, Paul concentrated on the bodywork. It was being stripped for the impending visit to the bodyshop “Because the S2 had always been a favourite of mine, I really wanted to redesign it while still doing it justice. It was just something I had always wanted to do” Paul took his time, making sure his ideas would stand the test of time “I walked around the car so many times, looking at things. I took a couple of months working it all out before packing it off. I knew I wanted the engine bay smoothing for the clean look, but I also wanted it to be seam welded to take the extra stress that the engine would give it. This thorough approach ensured that all the dreams in his head would be perfectly carried out and nothing, no matter how small, would be missed. Getting it right first time was the plan. “I knew I wanted the bumpers and rear smoothing, the petrol cap was a big one. That always gets some attention. I even saw a lad nearly drag his mate over to come jogging over for a proper look at Ford Fair” Paul laughed. You have to admire it, it’s a flawless mod, with a neat little release button inside the car. It is one of many; we challenge you, take a real good look at the pictures. See what you can spot, then look again, we bet you will see even more! That’s what makes it so great!

Obviously under the bonnet has been finished perfectly to the same immense level of detail. With strengthening for performance and smoothing for the style. Simple things like the bonnet stay being removed aren’t instantly picked up on, but form the big picture. Sitech have also outdone themselves with the fitting, besides the heavyweight spec of the ZVH. This must be the most unique looking ZVH layout we have seen yet. It’s a flawless installation and you would be forgiven for thinking it’s an incredibly tidy XR3i CVH bay at a glance. The inlet is discreet and you don’t instantly spot the charge carrier. The coil pack is relocated; it is totally different while looking like it could have come like that from the factory. Topped of with polished stainless, it’s a real piece of mechanical art.

In an understated way, Paul sums it up “I’m happy with it. Loads of people do double takes and ask me if it’s a turbo” he laughed “it’s got a lot of detail. I wanted a car that was up to concours standard all round, but not for competing with. Just for me! It’s totally an enthusiast’s car. Trying to spot the simple things that make a big difference” But what is it like when you are not dumbstruck by its beauty? “It’s just like a new car, just what I set out to get” he grinned “Even when pulling full boost through the gears. You get a little torque steer, but because of the mods and the geometry set-up it is easier to drive than my old S2 which had standard power!” How does he find pot holes though? As that’s a seriously low stance “It is low and set firm on the Konis, but I kept the standard wheels and the tyres seem to take the edge off the harshness” Obviously the wheels were refurbished twice before they met Paul’s grade and have had the Ford logo smoothed out carefully. It creates a period look for the car but without the nasty dating that some aftermarket wheels carry. And being the standard wheels, with the geometry tweaks it handles like a car many years it’s junior.

Everyone has different approaches and tastes when it comes to modifying but few could argue with this one. It’s been fully reworked in everyway, but all of them hit the button perfectly. Paul was definitely a man with a plan here; it’s just a question of how good your eyes are for seeing all the work that’s been undertaken. Best of both worlds; 80’s chic with modern technology, it’s a match made in heaven. Now if you excuse us, we are going to continue trying to work out what’s new and what actually rolled of the production line all them years ago. This could take some time.


Focus RS Block

Mahle Forged Slipper Pistons

Cosworth WRC Forged Rods

Dynamically Balanced STD Crank

Vandervall Lead Copper Bearings

Sitech ZVH Conversion

Sitech Fully Flowed CVH Head

3 Angle Valves

Newman PH4 Cam

Newman Solid Lifters

Newman Vernier Pulley

Sitech Racing Inlet Manifold

Bosch Light Blue Injectors

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Cosworth Throttle Body

Sitech Racing ZVH Head Gasket

Garret GT28 Turbo

Sitech Racing V Band 3" Downpipe

Magnex 2.5" Exhaust

Mongoose 4" Backbox

Pipercross Air Filter

Airtech Intercooler

Airtech Radiator

Bailey Header Tank

Bailey Dump Valve

Samco Hoses Throughout

Magnicor ZVH Plug Leads

NGK Platinum Spark Plugs

Ford Later Spc Coil Pack

Gotech MFI-Pro ECU

Big Bearing Gearbox With 3.5 Final Drive

AP High Torque Clutch


Koni Adjustable Suspension

Eibach Lowering Springs

Polly Bushed Whole Car

Sitech Geometry Set-Up


Standard Brake Set-Up Apart From

270mm Grooved Front Discs

Ferodo DS2500 Pads

Wheels & Tyres

Smoothed Off Standard RS Turbo Alloys

Toyo 195/50R15 Tyres


Smoothed Off Bumpers Front & Back

Doors & Boot De-locked

Smoothed Off De-Badged Tailgate

Smoothed Off De-Badged Bonnet

Flush Fitted Petrol Cap

Hydraulic Bonnet Lifters

Rear Window Wiper Removed

Clear Light/Indicator Kit

Colour Coded Door Handles And Mirrors

Full Paint Job Standard ERST Gray

Engine Bay Smoothed Off and Seam Welded


Momo Stearing Wheel

3 Gauge Pod In Dash Centre Column

Petrol Cap Opening Trigger

Standard Otherwise

Falcon Predator Evo 4+ Alarm

All Fluids Are Neo Synthetics

Every Component On The Car Is Brand New Or Powder Coated.


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