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1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i
(Featured on 26th May 2014)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Mk4 XR3i
Year: 1986

Sellers original description:

Stunning early mk4 xr3i, this is an original unrestored, un modified car which was fully optioned from new, i bought this from the original owner who purchased it from Perry's Ford of Watford


Ordered 26th February 1986 ( launch of the mk4 ) original order form here.

Registered 16th May 1986 by Perrys Ford Watford.

The original owner got the car through his company, a stock broker i believe, he only ever taxed the car through the summer months ( 1st May for 6 Months ) it has never seen a winter road or indeed a wet road other than an odd occasion when he was caught out, upon launch of the mk4 XR3i pretty much everything was optional extra, additional to the standard features this car was dealer fitted with the following:

Factory Fit tilt slide sunroof £261.65

Upgrade ecu2 radio cassette £118.72

Graphic Equalizer £133.92

Electric Windows £163.05

Central locking £137.75

Rear Seat Belts £90.75

Alloy Wheels £178.87

Fuel Computer £90.71

Black Paint £81.51

Spot Lamps £82.33

Lower Front Fog Lamps £52.17

Mud Flaps £20.00

Floor Mats £25.00

This took the total purchase price to £8569.00, all extra's are listed on the original invoice


The car is in stunning original condition, mid 80's Fords were notorious for rust, i believe this to be one of only a handful of C plate mk4 XR3i's to survive, i only know of 3 others, 2 nimbus grey ones and a white one none of which have the options this has, even Ford's heritage car at Dagenham is D plate, the car has never had any welding done and is totally rust free which is testiment to how it's been cherished, the bodywork still wears all of it's original paint and panels from 1986 aside from a scuff repair on the front bumper, the arches are perfect as are the sills, inner wings, battery tray, door shuts, roof/sunroof, obviously as an unrestored car it has the odd chip and mark but looks like a 3 year old car rather than almost 30 years old, inside is simply time warp, the seats and carpets still have a deep pile, the head liner is perfect, sunroof tilts and slides, cigarette lighter and ash tray are unused, the steering wheel still has the bobbles on it, the alloys again still have the factory paint, i was tempted to refurb these but the car has a wonderful patina and it would be a shame to ruin it,they do have a matching set of Continental tyres which are as new, fitted as the original P6's had started to perish, the spare has never been fitted, being picky the vinyl is lifting on the rear quarter cards and the wheels have the odd mark but i am very very picky when it comes to cars and only buy the best.


As stated the car comes with the original purchase order.
The original sales invoice.
All handbooks.
More than enough paperwork to warrant the miles.


Oil service last year at 29700 miles.
Last cambelt change at 28800 miles.
Suspension professionally stripped and powder coated by "Andy's Autobody" ( Ford Restoration Specialist )
Engine removed, painted, new gaskets where necessary, gearbox repainted, chassis fully undersealed also by Andy's Autobody.
When he undertook the work he was amazed by the condition of the car, check his web site.
Bumper scuff repaired.


I believe this to be the best early mk4 XR anywhere, with only 30 000 miles from new and service history, anyone can buy a restored car or restore a tired one even to concours standards but a car is only original once, from an investment point of view i would say original is better and the opportunity to buy condition 1 unrestored cars doesn't come along very often, the price of this car will only go one way and i very much doubt you'll be seeing another C plate one in this condition anytime soon, 86 cars ie C plate and early D plate were slightly different to 87 onwards cars, they didn't have wing liners, bronze tint glass was fitted inc sunroof as opposed to green ( don't show the s1 boys the sunroof in this ) and any luxuries had to be paid for, a lot of which became standard on later cars. Don't expect a concours vehicle, as said it isn't restored, it was built at halewood in 1986 when paint and panel work weren't too clever from the factory, I have freshened up the engine bay and suspension but really trying not to loose any patina, to go down the concours route with this car would be a crime, preservation, not restoration is the order of the day.


1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i 1

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Front

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i 2

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Left Side

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Left Side Closeup

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Right Side

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Right Side Closeup

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i 3

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Back

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i 4

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Engine Bay

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Interior Door

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Front Interior 1

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Front Interior 2

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Spare Wheel

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Owners Club Stickers

1986 Ford Escort MK4 XR3i Documents History

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