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1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i
(Featured on 4th December 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Mk3 RS1600i
Year: 1983

Sellers original description:

Well I have sold my other car and thought I would try this for sale for a month to see if I have interest before I go looking for a new toy. I have been thinking about selling this for a couple of years but its a hard as I know how hard it would be to replace should I want another one. But I just don't have time to show it so it ends up not doing anything and that seems a shame.

It was registered 11/8/1983 And I am the 7th owner, I brought it in early 2006. The previous owner had it from 1993-2006.

I showed the car in the RSOC events in 2006 and 2007 winning the gold cup and National day both years. It also won its class at Fordfair in 2006. The previous owner also told me that it won its class at Fordfair in 1999(unfortunately I have no proof of this as he didn't give me the trophy). I have all the rsoc logbooks for it that show what shows I have taken it to and what it has won. I have shown it occasionally since then, the most recent being winning Car of the show at Retromania Weston Park a couple of weeks ago. I have done 7000 miles in it during my ownership which has been clocked up just going to shows.

I have 2 box folders full of paperwork etc. 23 previous MOTs which prove the mileage, old style logbook, Original service book which is stamped upto 60k back in 1991, all the booklets you get from ford when new and 2 classic ford mags that the car has been used in Nov 1998 (buyers guide) and Aug 2006 (history of the RS1600i).

It is taxed till the end of November 2013.

The MOT runs out on 1/8/2014 Thats 12 months.

It has covered 78,900 miles and I have 23 old MOTs to back this up along with the service history mentioned above. Please remember this car has been used as show car for the last 20 years and has covered only 18,000 miles in the last 22 years which is backed up by the MOTs

It has all the right parts on it like the yellow dip stick and D4 tyres. I drive on yokos and have the D4s on mint refurbed wheels just for shows. The driving wheels are 16i wheels. Everything is genuine Ford like the exhaust that is ceramic coated to keep it looking fresh.


1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i Side

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i Rear

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i Underside

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i Engine Bay

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i Interior Seats

1983 Ford Escort MK3 RS1600i History

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