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1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3
(Featured on 4th December 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Mk3
Year: 1981
Registration: YFS 921W

Sellers original description:

Another rare car find, this MK3 Escort XR3 is quite unique & following features are of interest:

One of first 50 cars made.
27,000 miles with lots of history.
Never restored, yet stunning.
All standard spec including 4 speed gearbox.
One of the First 50 cars.

Yes that's right, this car is one of the first 50 cars ever produced. The first 50 cars had the washer jets in the bonnet & where quickly moved to the scuttle panel.

This is one of those first 50 cars. Further research by a new owner may prove which actual number it is. Chassis number for anyone who can help is GCABAS016750.

Mileage & History File:

The cars speedo is reading only 27,000 miles in it's 32 years. On file is a service book with several dealer stamps, there are 14 old MOT's from 1992 to present.

There are a pile of SORN's & many tax discs.

There is also a huge pile of receipts some with related miles corresponding to date.

It is of my opinion with the amount of corresponding history that this is indeed genuine mileage

There is also a newspaper article on XR3's from Sunday Mirror dated 07/09/2003 saying that 10 years ago the value can only go one way. Nice bit of history.

A complete set of original Ford Handbooks, sales brochure & magazine, colour chart & more.

Spare set of original keys.

An old sales receipt.


Further to that the car has never been restored, & is in astonishing condition.

There is a minor rust bubble on one of the edges of a door that would cost £50 to have done.

We have not done it, so as not to tamper with quite a mostly unmolested car.

All this adds to make this car ultra rare & unique.


Again in great overall condition. There is one small crack in the dash, but just the one.

It is in excellent overall condition apart from that.

The seats are all fine & the carpets.


Quite a rare find car. Still sporting lots of originality & a good investment for future value.

A car that could grow in value quite significantly over the next decade, & at an affordable price for someone wanting to get on the classic car ownership / investment ladder.


1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 1

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 2

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Side 1

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Side 2

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Boot

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Boot Floor Spare Wheel

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Engine Bay

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 Front Interior

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 History 1

1981 Ford Escort MK3 XR3 History 2

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