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1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier
(Featured on 5th July 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Mk2
Year: 1980
Registration: EHV 99V

Sellers original description:

Genuine mk2 Escort harrier, the harrier has been recently subject to a full restoration, unlike most restorations which require new floors, sills, arches. etc etc. This shell has never had any previous panels or welding done. The shell was perfect. During the restoration all it has had is a pair of genuine Ford wings and a genuine Ford front panel fitted.

I had the shell sandblasted including underneath then the shell was transported to my freinds bodyshop where it was there for about 4 months. The shell was etch primed etc and painted inside outside and underneath in original strato silver, in base coat and laquer, before the underside had its top coat the underside had a light coat of stone chip applied.

Only the best quality paints was used, the doors are perfect and have never been repaired or had door skins fitted, I then built the car up using mostly new old stock genuine Ford parts.

Just to name a few, nos quarter front bumpers, nos rear bumper, nos front indicators, nos rear lights, nos numberplate lights, nos foglight, nos washer bottle, nos washer motor.nos anti run on valve, nos front and rear bumper over riders. nos wiper arms, nos passenger door mirror, nos rare type door pin switches, nos brake servo, nos mastercylinder, nos ford carello headlights, nos front spotlights, brand new set of bronze glass fitted. etc etc.

All new suspension bushes fitted mostly genuine Ford. All new brake components fitted. calipers, discs, all new bearings fitted, the interior is mint no aftermarket interior items fitted. Seats retrimmed by Aldridge trimming.

So to sum this car up. with only ever 1000 white harriers made and only 500 silver harriers made and probably not much more than a handful of silver ones left this is a rare car.

I drove the car on its first outing since being restored last weekend to santapod and the car recieved a lot of nice comments with some people saying it looks like a new car. This is a stunning looking car that has been done properly. The best of the best parts used, it looks and drives like a new car.


1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Front

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Left Side

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Right Side

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Back

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Underside

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Engine Bay

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Interior

1980 Ford Escort Mk2 1600 Harrier Interior Dashboard

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