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1974 Ford Escort Mk1 1300 XL 2 Dr
(Featured on 21st November 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Escort Mk1
Year: 1974
Registration: 0ED 960M
Mileage: 13,060

Sellers original description:

A mind blowing 1974 Ford Escort 2 Door 1300 XL in truly outstanding original condition having covered just 13,060 (thirteen thousand & Sixty) miles from new.

Lady owner, then A showroom exhibit for many years before entering enthusiast ownership in 2002.

Totally standard and original.

Undersealed from new the car today presents with all its original panels, Ford stamped glass and the vast majority of its factory applied paint finish.

WOW is the instant reaction to what is, almost certainly, the finest lowest mileage example of an original condition 1974 2 door 1300 XL Escort available anywhere – Worldwide.

Simply Stunning!

By the mid sixties the designers at Ford had begun work on the replacement for the long running and successful Anglia.

The design for the small family saloon needed to be modern and striking to appeal to a broad range of buyers. It was!

The Escort made its show debut at the Brussels Motor show in January 1968. The designers had excelled in their objectives and the car was an instant success across Europe, but nowhere more so than in the UK.

In June 1974, less than six years after the car's UK introduction, Ford announced the completion of the two millionth Ford Escort, a milestone hitherto unmatched by any Ford model outside the USA.

Initially, the Escort was sold as a 2-door with the 4-door arriving in March 1968. However it was the design of the 2 door that captured the hearts of many in the late sixties and early seventies immortalized by the rally cars of the era. Forty years on and nothing’s changed, the 2 door is still highly desirable with its iconic, fantastic, and timeless look.

Today finding a good 2 door example is becoming difficult especially so the XL version which came with many options as standard including the desirable and sought after 6 dial dash. To find one without rust, one that has not had rust repaired or been welded, - well that’s very difficult indeed. To find one that’s unrestored, rust free, never been welded, in original condition and that has only covered 13,000 miles in the hands of just three previous owners, surely that’s impossible.  Actually - no, it’s not! 

OED 960M

Supplied New, after what would appear to have been a cancelled order, on the 4th January 1974 to the wife of a Preston Solicitor by Warrington Motor Co ltd. OED 960M is a Mk1 Escort 1300 XL 2 Door finished in rare and stunning Sahara beige, which in fact looks more yellow than it does beige.

From the offset the car was garaged, cherished and used infrequently by its new owner, not really venturing far from its home just outside the village of Barton near Preston. According to the service book, present in the history file, by the time the free first service was carried out in late 1974 the car had averaged just 100 miles per month.

As we have said OED 960M was never used very often although in its early days the lady owner did occasionally use it a little more often in connection with her voluntary work for the elderly with the WVRS. However by the mid nineties the owner herself had aged somewhat and the usage became even less. According to the 1997 MOT the mileage was 12,722 just 57 miles more than that of the previous years MOT.

Shortly after the 1997 MOT OED 960M was acquired by a local dealer based 3 miles or so from Barton at Claughton-On-Brock. It is not clear whether he had bought the car or it had been entrusted to him for safe keeping as a showroom exhibit. In any event it would appear that many attempts were made to buy the car from the Dealer but all were refused. That is until 2002 when the car was sold to the third owner, also a local man.

The MOT carried out on the date of sale, 26 September 2002, shows the mileage as 12,804.

Present in the history file is a copy of a recent email to the last owner from the third that details some early history of OED 960M. It goes on to confirm that the car is genuine and that mileage now is consistent with when it was sold. He also states that initially it was his intention to convert OED 960M into a Rally car but when it actually came to it he just did not have the heart to bring himself to change such a nice car. So thankfully, it would seem, he just dry stored it instead and bought another car to prepare for Rallying.

The last owner acquired OED 960M over 3 years ago and in an uncanny twist had exactly the same plans for the car as the third owner had. However he to found himself with precisely the same dilemma and again just could not bring himself to carry out his intentions! Once again another not so good car was sought for the conversion and OED 960M continued to be dry stored and used very occasionally only during dry summer days.

It would seem that OED 960M could be blessed with more lives that a cat, or on the other hand maybe it will be third time lucky - depending on your personal view or requirements!

In any event on sale now is this remarkable 2 door Mk1 Escort 1300 XL that has covered just 13,060 miles from new and even still has all 5 of its factory fitted Michelin ZX tyres, essential for Concours events.

OED 960M must, surely, be the lowest mileage, best original example available anywhere worldwide. It is immaculate, already in show condition and would take very little to become a Concours contender.


It is certain that you will never again get an opportunity to own such an exemplary, original, 13,000 mile, 3 owner Mk1 2 door Escort 1300XL.

This car will be of interest to enthusiasts, collectors and investors.

OED 960M is exceptional, truly remarkable and stunning.

Here is a once in a life time opportunity not to be missed to become the owner of this unique vehicle.


1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 1

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 2

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 3

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 4

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1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 6

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door 7

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door boot

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door engine bay

1974 ford escort mk1 1300xl 2 door interior 1

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