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1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S
(Featured on 4th December 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1979
Registration: KAU 539V

Sellers original description:

1979 German built Ford Cortina Mk5 2.0 Ghia s.

The story starts with this car in 79 dec when it was built it was ordered as a 2.0 ghia and it arrived at the dealer (hanger motor) garage that supplied cars for sweeney ect. The gentleman that was to own it, asked for s pack to be fitted along with these rare extras, cruise control, econolights, steel sump guard, rear seat belts, door sill kick plates, headlight washers.

The car was owned by 2 business owners for 4 years then another chap owned it for over 25 years and sadly he passed away and car was left in a garage, where a few years later the car had another owner, and then sold it to a mate of mine, thats where I come in.

I bought the car 3 years ago and it was a very solid Mk5 and a rare model, colour, spec. So I decided to do a light restoration on the car.

I stripped the car to a rolling shell, new genuine Ford wing were fitted at a cost of £500.00 and the car was given a whole respray in 2 pack sirius red paint. While this was done 8 months. I refurbished everything else.

The suspension stripped, blasted, powder coated, and re sanded for a good finish and re coated.

All the nuts bolts brackets were sent off for nickel plate.

When I had the car back I decided to take the car to bare metal underneath and spray /laquer it body colour, and the sills, a posts were stripped to metal and no rust was found, 35 yr old sills.

I replaced all the lights with genuine Ford old stock items and carried it on from there.

All suspension bushes were replaced, ball joints, new nickel brake pipes, new brakes all round, new bearings.

The engine was stripped it needed nothing just a clean re gasket paint in high temp engine laquer, new clutch. The gear box was fitted by the second owner I was told he asked Ford to put a 5 speed gearbox in to it some time in the 80s, the prop shaft had new bearing and universal joints checked and were fine so re coated, I bought a brand new fuel tank and sent it off to be sprayed silver, and rear axle was good no wear at all and it was re gasketed and built, but there is a small whine doesn't bother me but I had a quote of £150 to set it up, the wheels ive not touched theyre vv good, new tyres were fitted 2 years ago and lots of tread left. I've only done 900 mile since built the interior of the car is original no rips burns ect its Durham and crushed velour brown trim, but the interior is 35 years old but it has worn it vv well as you will see v well looked after, no marks in dash, it has the original fm mw radio cassette turn o clock. Top of the range for 1979 and ford whip arial, the car also has a wheel disc clean pads between the wheels and hub to keep wheels clean and they work.

The car has a full stainless exhaust, the car did have under bonnet lining but was rough so I dont have it anymore, also have the fixtures and light for under bonnet.

Everything works on the car well but the pump for the headlight washer will not squirt water out and cruise control needs the bracket putting back in by propshaft I do have it and tested the cruise it powers up.

I have nearly all old mot's and tax discs from new, handbook, cruise control book and handbooks.

Since I built the car I've showed it abit. I won in my class in singleton park 2012, and I won best Mk5 at Symonds Yat 2012 /and this year 10 June 2013 by the three counties Ford group.

This car is a gem I will be very sad to see it go but i must sell it to fund a camper / caravan thanks for looking.


1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S 1

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S 2

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S 3

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S 4

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S Underside

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S Engine Bay

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S Interior 1

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S Interior 2

1979 Ford Cortina MK5 Ghia S Tax Discs

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