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1979 Ford Cortina Mk4 1.6 L
(Featured on 14th September 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1979
Registration: ETW 911T
Mileage: 10,000

Sellers original description:

A truly breathtaking 1979 Ford Cortina Mk1V 1.6L.

Purchased new by an ex Ford motor Company employee for his retirement the car has been owned by him ever since.

Genuine 10,000 (ten thousand) miles from new, always garaged and never used in the wet. All of its original panels and glass plus all of its original factory applied paint finish.

Dry stored for many years. Completely original still with all five factory fitted tyres and an interior that is, neigh on, of concours standard.

Very much amongst the best, if not the best, available anywhere – worldwide.

Very, very special indeed!

The Cortina was the start of a most successful chapter in Ford's history. Launched with the Mk1 in 1962 and named after a district in Italy its design was to become the benchmark for family and business motoring that would last for exactly 20 years.

Cortinas have always had a huge following in the classic and collectors market with each successive model becoming highly sought after as they age and become harder to find.

In recent times Mk3 Cortina’s have been very much in demand, however good original, rust free, unmolested examples have always been extremely difficult to find and, consequently, the smart enthusiasts, collectors and investors with vision have for some time now been turning there attentions to the next model already rapidly appreciating in value within the Cortina line - the MK1V.

Launched in 1976 using the MK3 floor pan but with a squarer all new body design the MK1V, throughout its production life, was the most popular new car in the United Kingdom.

Despite this, it is now the rarest of all Cortina’s, with only 200-250 thought to exist and unrestored, original, well cared for, rust free examples becoming increasingly hard to find. Consequently, these are the examples that are desired most.

To find a first-class example though, well – that’s difficult, to find one that is totally original and that has never had any paint work since it left the production line - almost unheard of. However to find one that has never had paint work, has had just 1 owner, has covered just 10,000 miles and could very well be a concours contender - that surely must just a be dream.

ETW 911T

On sale for the first time since it was new 31 years ago is this Cortina MK1V 1.6 L. Finished in the attractive colour and trim combination of Oyster Gold Metallic with Chocolate fabric.

On The 3rd of February 1979 the first and only owner of ETW 911T, a Ford Motor Company employee and qualified motor mechanic then in his sixties, travelled the short distance from his home in Essex to Ford dealers R.T Rate of Grays. The purpose of his visit was to collect the car he had always promised himself for his forthcoming retirement.

ETW 911T was to be the owners second car. It was never intended to be used as daily transport – more for high days and holidays during the owner’s retirement.

ETW 911T had been ordered with factory options metallic paint and Ford radio, the only dealer fitted extras were mudflaps and a full set of tailored seat covers. The covers have remained in place from the day it was new until we removed them a couple of days ago.

The owner knew that he would be keeping ETW 911T for many years and being his first ever brand new car he was determined to take all the steps that he could to keep it ‘as new’ condition.

As soon as he got the car home and before he took it on the road he covered the whole of the floor area with fitted over carpet. Knowing Fords as he did he applied wax oil but only to the areas that experience had taught him could be problem areas, such as the sills, seams and underside. He wanted to protect the car from rust but did not want to just blanket cover everything in unsightly thick black underseal. 31 years later the end result is as he intended – a remarkably rust free car with no obvious signs of treatment, apart from the coating on the sills which were black from new anyway.

ETW 911T was its owner’s absolute pride and joy, always kept under covers in a garage when not in use, never intentionally used in the rain, or even if rain was forecast, and fastidiously maintained personally by him.

In the early years the car was used very infrequently. By 1995 when the car was 16 years old it had covered just 10733 miles according to the MOT from that year. In the 15 years since it has covered just 70 (seventy) miles more, all of them travelling to and returning from the annual M.O.T test. Even though never used on the road between tests the car was started moved out of the garage, run to normal temperature and then moved back into the garage on a dry day every week without fail.

The owner is now in his nineties no longer drives and due to loss of his garage has had to part with the car that he has cherished with a passion for the past 3 decades.

Today ETW 911T has covered a warranted 10,800 miles from new and is presented in truly breathtaking condition. It would take very little indeed to be a concours contender.

Without doubt ETW 911T is one of the best lowest mileage original Mk IV Cortina 1.6L’s available anywhere, actually it almost certainly is the best.


As already stated Cortina’s are a very popular choice of classic/Retro car. They are easy to work on; parts are inexpensive and readily available there are lots of clubs and events, and they hold there value well.

Mk IV Cortina’s have become desirable and highly sought after.

ETW 911T is a very, very special car indeed and should not be compared to the majority of Mk1V’s for sale.

It is in outstanding condition and has ultra low mileage. It has only ever had one owner who, now in his 90’s, bought the car when he was in his sixties. It is remarkably rust free has all of its original panels and paint and really does want for nothing.

It is such a proper, honest car and what you see is you see is what you get, no nasty surprises here!

It is in show condition and with minimal time and money would be a sure fire concours contender.

Here is a once in a life time opportunity to acquire what, almost certainly, is the best MK IV available !


1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 1

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 2

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 3

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 4

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 5

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l 6

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l engine bay

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l interior 1

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l interior 2

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l interior 3

1979 ford cortina mk 4 1.6l dashboard

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