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1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200
(Featured on 9th July 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1964
Registration: FMF 194B

Sellers original description:

1964 Ford Cortina Mk 1

Well we bought this car last year as i was born in 1964, we renovate vw's but i wanted an old Ford for a change

When we got the car home and had a good look around her, I was a very happy man as floor and chassis was very good

It wasn't until we started to strip the car and saw how good it really was WOW , it took 2 and a half weeks to remove all the wax oil from under the floor, which still had factory paint on most of it, no welding done on floor or chassis, BODY someone at some time welded new sills over the old ones when we removed the sills the original sills only had small holes below the back door,this was welded to a very high standard, both headlights had been cut for repair which we have now repaired also someone had repaired above the two front struts which we have repaired again to a very high standard.

The car was completely stripped and full re-spray i was told this car was put up for many years i believe the mileage to be true at 5,352 miles i have all the owners hand book, service book which was stamped at 5,000 miles. I have renovated several classic cars in my time this has got to be one of the cleanest ford's around with a very low mileage.


1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200 Front

1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200 Left Side

1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200 Right Side

1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200 Back

1964 Ford Cortina Mk1 Deluxe 1200 Underside

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