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1967 Ford Corsair 2000E
(Featured on 26th May 2014)

Make: Ford
Model: Corsair
Year: 1967
Mileage: 2,900

Sellers original description:

1967 Ford Corsair 2000E Automatic.

I bought this car in 2009 after it had been found in a garage after 33 years in a garage down in London.

When I got it, the mileage stood at 1938 miles. Since then it has covered just over 1000 miles (over 300 of those in one return trip to the Classic Ford Show two years ago) and I just do not have the time to give the car the outings it deserves. In the last 12 months it has covered about 60 miles (to a show in Warrington and to one at the Trafford Centre)

The car is in beautiful condition and is still sat most of the time on its original Pirelli Cinturato tyres (with tubes) which are still in remarkable condition and still passed the MOT with them last year. I would recommend that these are taken off and kept to keep the originality if you are going to drive it more than I have!

I have put a reserve on the car which I think is realistic due to the history and rarity of the car.

It is pretty much all original apart from the nearside front wing which was replaced after a slight bump in 1975; which resulted in the car never being taken out again and why it ended up in the garage, being stored for so long. There is very little that requires to be done to the car other than the general day-to-day maintenance), however it does clunk when it is first put into "Drive". When the car is driving however, the gear changes are really smooth so it is possible that the gearbox may need a service as I'm sure that standing for as long as it did didn't really help. I have a spare auto-box which I was going to swap onto the car (I can still do this if needed) or it can go with the car to use if the original needs a service... that way the original one still stays with the car

The car has had all new hoses and most seals have been changed along with a new battery (which has the original Oldham top and stickers from the original!)

Remember, This is not a Cortina; this is different, rarer and a lot more fun! Unless you go to a Corsair meeting, you will be hard pressed to find another Corsair at your local classic car show

It was bought new in August 1967 by its owner in Northolt, it was then used very much as a second car until 1975 when he had a little accident when taking a trip to the seaside at Bournemouth, the car was repaired with a new N/S/F wing fitted & sprayed but he was so upset he never drove it again. It did go for its last MOT in April 1976 & was taxed at the same time; the mileage on the MOT was 1894. It was then garaged but the old boy would not sell it, so it sat there until he died.

It had never had a proper DVLA registration document; as the car had been off the road for so long, so it had to be re-registered with the DVLA (it kept its original number) and as a result, I am now down on the V5C as being the first owner with "no previous owners" (I do have the original green log book and its last MOT which was in 1976 when the mileage was 1894 miles. The original handbooks are with the car as well as the underseal guarantee (although the warranty ran out 13 years ago!!)

The DVLA said that they would need the car 'authenticated' by the Corsair Owners Club before they would issue a new Reg-Doc & then get its free tax, Mr P. Greenwood, the Ford Corsair Owners Club Chairman, came from Rugby to look over it & confirmed its authenticity, & not only filled in the relevant DVLA form but also gave an accompanying letter, in it saying 'the degree of originality of this vehicle is very impressive'.

I have lots of paperwork for the car, inc handbooks, the original key and key fob from Crown Motors (which carried out the PDI) , a couple of old MOT's from when originally on the road, & receipts from a few jobs done at garages. Since being put back on the road, it has never failed an MOT.

The car won "Car of the Day" at the prestigious Tatton park Classic Car show a few years ago (much to the displeasure of the Jaguar and Aston Martin owners!!) and the trophy can be seen in the photos.

I also run the Ford Corsair Forum and I did a write up when I initially got the car which can be found here:

It also has photos of the bare metal respray it had as well as photos of how it looked when I got it.

I am only selling the car due to me having other interests which take up so much time that I cannot give XRO the time it deserves to be driven and shown so I won't let it go for less that I want for it. I run quite a successful business so I don't need the money that badly :)


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