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1979 Ford Capri Mk3 3.0L Ghia Auto
(Featured on 6th September 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Capri
Year: 1979
Registration: AME 498T
Mileage: 28,900

Sellers original description:

An outstanding 1979 Mk III Ford Capri 3.0L Ghia automatic.

2 Previous owners the second, a famed national newspaper editor, for 22 years.

Just 28,900 recorded miles.

Standard, original and presented in Show condition with all of its original glass and panels plus much of its original paint finish.

Fabulous interior.

Following the runaway success of the Mustang in the early 60’s Ford desperately needed to produce a European equivalent to appeal to the younger customer in the emerging coupe market.

By 1964 Ford styling and design studios in America and Europe were drawing up the first ideas for "Project Colt". By the beginning of 1966 the new car was being shown as full size mockups to "clinics" in London, Cologne, Milan and other European cities. The Colt, owing to copyright issues with by the Japanese Car manufacture, became the Capri and was launched in the U.K to great acclaim in 1969.

‘Ford Capri: the car you always promised yourself’

The mark III first appeared in March 1978 and was extremely well received.

Top of the range was the desirable V6 3.0 litre Ghia automatic which coupled with the new aerodynamics of the MkIII gave a top speed of over 120 M.P.H.

In the early 80’s after a just a short production run in the MkIII Ford replaced the 3.0 with the 2.8i engine and the Ghia was no longer a trim level option. As a result 3.0 engined MkIII’s are now rare and much more highly sought after than the far more common 2.8 that replaced them.

After a number of years that saw Ghia’s cannibalised and turned into mock 3.0L S’s this suburb car has at last been recognised by Capri aficionados for what it is – the Top of the range model and the one to have. Consequently demand for original unmolested Ghia’s has never been higher with 3.0 Litre original examples being the cars most in demand.

AME 498T

First registered on the 10 April 1979 ANE 498T is a ford Capri 3.0L Ghia finished in the gorgeous colour of Cosmos blue metallic with Black ribbed velour trim.

The first owner had used the car sparingly before it was acquired by its second owner in March 1986.

The second owner, Donald Canadine-Bate (Don Bate) then 64 had bought the car for his retirement after a busy and full working life. He was one of the lucky few paratroopers to return home after the Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden in September 1944. He later saw service in Norway and on the Gaza Strip before beginning a journalistic career on the Dudley Mirror that eventually led to him to being sports and sub editor of the Daily Mirror. During his time at the Mirror he signed many big sporting names including George Best at just £100 per week. He was also the brother of actor Antony Bate.

Mr Bate loved and cherished AME 498T during his retirement years. He always kept it garaged, maintained regardless of cost. He used it, in the main, just once weekly to make the 6 mile Journey from his home to the Royal Automobile Club private members clubhouse in Epsom Surrey.

Servicing and maintenance was carried out by the local branch of Ford dealers Dagenham Motors and there are various invoices going back to the early 2000’s when the mileage was recorded at 14,000.

Sadly in March 2006, 2 days short of his 84th birthday Mr Bate died. AME 498T, which had not been used for some time remained in its garage for 2 years before being acquired by its last owner, a Capri enthusiast and qualified mechanic, with around 28,000 miles recorded.

The last owner travelled just a few hundred miles in AME 498T. He bought the car from Mr Bate’s widow and she recounted its history to him. Although the service history and old M.O.T certificates do not predate the turn of the century Mr Bate’s widow assured him that records did exist but had been mislaid following her husbands death. She warranted the mileage as correct to the last owner and he in turn has provided a signed letter stating this to be the case and confirming the vehicle history.


They will be few chances to own such an exemplary, original, low mileage, Capri 3.0L Ghia such as this. There really are very few about!

This car will be of interest to enthusiasts, collectors and investors.

Or it is perfectly useable on a daily basis, should you so desire.

AME 498T is truly head turningly beautiful.

It has been loved and cherished all of its life it has had some bodywork in the past but really wants for nothing now except a new owner to care for it in the same way as it has been by its pervious owners for the past 3 decades.


1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 1

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 2

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 3

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 4

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 5

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 6

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto 7

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto boot

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto engine bay

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto interior

1979 mk iii ford capri 3.0l ghia auto dashboard

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