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1976 Ford Capri Mk2 1600 GL
(Featured on 6th September 2010)

Make: Ford
Model: Capri
Year: 1976
Registration: 00F 268R
Mileage: 73,000

Sellers original description:

An absolutely amazing 1976 Mk II Ford Capri 1600 GL. Factory fitted vinyl roof. Rust proofed from new.

3 Previous owners (Capri enthusiasts) and just 73,000 miles. Standard, original and presented in Show condition with all of its Ford stamped glass, all its factory fitted panels much of its original paint finish.

Fabulous interior.


Following the runaway success of the Mustang in the early 60’s Ford desperately needed to produce a European equivalent to appeal to the younger customer in the emerging coupe market.

By 1964 Ford styling and design studios in America and Europe were drawing up the first ideas for "Project Colt". By the beginning of 1966 the new car was being shown as full size mockups to "clinics" in London, Cologne, Milan and other European cities. The Colt, owing to copyright issues with by the Japanese Car manufacture, became the Capri and was launched in the U.K to great acclaim in 1969.

‘Ford Capri: the car you always promised yourself’

An instant hit the Capri soon became the ‘must have’ car of the early seventies.

By 1973 the Capri had sold over a million units. However, sales had begun to drop off and a new model was called for to keep the Capri ahead of its up and coming rivals.

The Mk II Capri project was codenamed "Diana" and was launched in the U.K on the 28th February 1974.

The most obvious difference between the MkI and MkII Capri was the hatchback. What had been sold as being a sporty but practical car, suitable for a family, was now even more sporty and practical. The overall style of the MkII Capri was obviously an evolution of the MkI design, even though some key features such as the "hockeystick" side mouldings were missing. The new design was longer, wider and taller than its predecessor. Mechanically most areas had been improved.

Capri’s remain extremely popular and desirable today. The Mk11 which had the shortest production run is the rarest and has a rapidly growing following amongst Capri aficionados; consequently good original condition examples, of which there are only a few, are highly sought after.

It is 33 years since the last MK11 left the production line. Time has taken its toll and very few original unrestored Mk11’s now remain, of those that do very few are the G.L version.

A G.L, however, that is original has low mileage and is in outstanding condition – now that’s a rare find.

Here’s one though!

OOF 268R

On the 10th of October 1976 the first owner of OOF 268R travelled the 4 miles from his home to Birmingham Ford dealers Mottershead & Smith Ltd, their tax disc holder remains, to collect his new Capri II 1600 GL.

The car had been ordered in diamond white with factory option black vinyl roof and this along with the, standard on the GL, rear wash wipe and sports road wheels set the whole appearance of the car off beautifully.

Dealer fitted options from new included two rear fog lights with correct Capri in dash switch, Ford map reading light and a period Pye stereo Radio cassette player with rear speakers carefully mounted to cause minimal damage.

The new owner a Capri enthusiast was very conscious of the toll that rust could take on these cars and opted for the very wise precaution of investing in one of the new rustproofing treatments, where box sections and cavities were filled with a type of wax and the whole car was undersealed.

The first owner added period Smiths oil pressure and voltmeter gauges below the dash. These could easily be removed, almost without trace, should the new owner wish to do so.

OOF 268R was its owners absolute pride and joy, at all times garaged, never left out overnight and rarely used in the wet and on the odd occasion it was always dried off with a chamois before being put back into its safe haven.

Further rust prevention steps where taken by the owner including ordering and having fitted bespoke aluminium front inner wheel arch liners supplied by specialist company Lokari of Huddersfield. We have now removed these, without trace, to inspect the areas behind. They have certainly done their job of protecting the venerable and susceptible front wings, inner wings and McPherson strut mountings which as a result of the protection offered show none of the usual signs of rusting.

Other rust avoiding precautions included painting some none visible areas such as the boot shut and underside of the doors (now back in colour) in hammerite which again has done its job exactly as planned.

OOF 268R has been loved cherished, maintained and cared for throughout its life. The first owner kept it until 1991 by which time it had covered just 19512 miles (almost all of the MOT’s from its first in 1979 are present in the history file) when it was sold to a Capri enthusiast in Leicester. The car stayed in the Leicester area until recently, changing hands once more before ending up with the last owner in 1996.

The last owner, a member of the Capri II register, continued to cherish the car in the same way that the previous owners had. He only used the Capri at weekends and to attend classic car events plus occasionally commuting the 20 or so miles to work on a dry day to keep things free and running as they should.

The last owner has kept all paperwork and every single receipt, no matter for how small an amount. There are also 2 ‘Captain’s logs’- little books which detail all work carried out including overhaul of suspension, steering, clutch and brakes plus routine servicing and records every refuel including mileage covered, miles per gallon and the type of fuel used up until the car was taken off the road and dry stored in 2006.

On sale for the first time since 1996 this, low mileage, original condition car is thought to be amongst the best original condition MK11 1600 GL Capri’s available anywhere.


They will be few chances to own such an exemplary, original, low mileage, unwelded Capri Mk II GL such as this. There really are very few Mk II’s about!

This car will be of interest to enthusiasts, collectors and investors.

Or it is perfectly useable on a daily basis, should you so desire.

OOF 268R is a truly remarkable and beautiful Mk II 1600 G.L Capri.

It has been loved and cherished all of its life and apart from a few minor things, such as the boot plastic chrome trims, really needs nothing.


1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 1

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 2

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 3

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 4

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 5

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl 6

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl boot 1

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl boot 2

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl engine bay

1976 mk ii ford capri 1600 gl interior

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