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1974 Ford Capri Mk1 RS3100
(Featured on 12th April 2013)

Make: Ford
Model: Capri
Year: 1974
Registration: GHU 555N

Sellers original description:

249 production cars where ever built, & yes everyone this is a genuine RS3100.

Chassis No BBECND26250.

Engine No ND26250.

There are many receipts on file dated 1990, so I beleive it was restored then. There are also old style photo's in the history file of the restoration which was a complete nut & bolt, body of project.

The car was beleived to be housed in a carcoon shortly after & the person we got it of was the owner of one himself. Therefore although an older restoration, it is like the day it was finished.


The body is in excellent condition. There are no horrible ripples down the sides. I have tried to photograph the sides as best I can to show the quality. There are no visible signs of rust or bubbles anywhere. The door gaps are all great & doors close properly. The engine bay is all in good order down the inner wings & wing tops. All like new.


Beleived to have been rebuilt at the same time, it is all painted & pristine. On start up there is a lovely sound that fills your ears. It ticks along fantastic with no smoke or worries.


Again not much to say but in top condition. Seats all as new with no rips or tears to front or back seats.


All in all the car is in fantastic condition. A very very rare car to add to the RS collectors fleet or just any collector of rare quality cars.


1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 1

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 front

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 2

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 3

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 4

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 engine

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 engine bay

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 interior

1974 ford capri mk1 rs3100 seats

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