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1985 Honda CRX Mk1 1.5i
(Featured on 1st May 2010)

Make: Honda
Model: CRX
Year: 1985
Registration: C698 HHJ
Mileage: 18,000

Sellers original description:

1985 Honda CRX Mk 1 1.5 i

Number of former keepers - 0
18000 miles on clock from new - full service history 
Has been dry stored for most of its life.

This retro Honda looks and drives like new, totally original except cd player, but i have original to go with it. a true classic collectors piece. you will not find another in this condition. this is one of Honda's most appreciating cars must be the only crx mark 1 in exsistance with these miles and 0 owners. This Honda CRX Mk1 can only go up in value ...

Great fun to drive and own.


1985 honda crx mk1 1.5i 1

1985 honda crx mk1 1.5i 2

1985 honda crx mk1 1.5i 3

1985 honda crx mk1 1.5i interior

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