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1985 Honda CRX MK1
(Featured on 27th May 2014)

Make: Honda
Model: CRX
Year: 1985
Mileage: 30,000

Sellers original description:

Rare first generation Honda Civic CRX, one of the most interesting 80’s Japanese cars available in the UK. The CRX was Honda’s first 'proper' sports car after the S800 and won great reviews thanks to its unique blend of performance, style and handling. It’s likely this is the best, low-mileage, unrestored example left in the UK - you really would be hard pressed to find a better one.

This car was supplied by Lester Motor Company in October 1985. It still wears its original number plates and has the dealer’s sticker in the back window and tax disc holder. Since then my car has only covered 30k miles and so is in commensurately excellent condition, it really is first class order. The car is completely standard and has not been modified or ‘improved’ in any way. The body panels are original and have NEVER been welded or sprayed. It is fitted with the original factory radio cassette and, as a later 1500 benefits from rear speakers and upgraded tricot seat trim.

While early CRX's are generally remembered for rust there are no such issues with this one – all the well-known CRX weak spots are fine. It goes without saying there’s no rust on the sunroof or in the sunroof tray and it opens and closes smoothly. There is no sign of corrosion on the rear arches, door bottoms (what you can see under plastic trim), valances or inner wings. There are a couple of things you should be aware of - the tailgate struts have weakened with age, a common CRX fault. The CRX was a pioneer of plastic body panels (wings and front panel) which, while obviously rust free, are prone to cracking. This one has a couple of small cracks on the top of the nearside wing and another on the front panel; these haven’t got any worse while I’ve owned the car. The other issue is the nearside CV is starting to wear, resulting in the characteristic clicking on full lock. The boot spoiler is in perfect condition and hasn’t split or degraded.

The car really is great fun to drive with 100bhp in a small, agile package and the handling really is like a go-kart. Weighing in at only 820kg there is plenty of power to take the car from 0 to 60 in just over 8 seconds. Hondas have always been first and foremost about engines and this one is no exception - all-alloy and fuel injected the 1488cc OHC engine runs like an electric motor and the 5-speed gearbox works perfectly in all gears. Inside the car is factory fresh and retains the feel of a very low-mileage car. All the trim is present with no rips or tears and absolutely minimal wear. The car has never been smoked in. Take a good look at the pictures - you won't be disappointed.

The first generation CRX is a rare car nowadays so this car would make a great addition to your car collection, or could be used as an unusual and economical everyday car. I am a Honda enthusiast and spent a long time looking for an unrestored CRX, I didn’t want one that had been welded or repainted. I checked out and even owned a couple of CRX’s but the search ended when I bought this one in January 2006. I’ve now owned the car for eight years and in this time it has always been garaged and only used occasionally as a ‘Sunday’ car in dry weather. I’m paranoid about taking old cars out in bad weather, especially when the roads are salted – rest assured this car has never been mistreated in this way. I have it insured on a classic insurance policy with Footman James and it and qualifies for the lower (sub-1550cc) road tax band. The MOT is until 1 October 2014 and comes with two keys, the original Honda folder, owner’s book and toolkit. The car is taxed until end of August 2014 so is fully legal to drive away.


1985 Honda CRX MK1 1

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Front

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Left Side

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Right Side

1985 Honda CRX MK1 2

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Rear

1985 Honda CRX MK1 3

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Overhead

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Sunroof

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Engine Bay

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Interior 1

1985 Honda CRX MK1 Interior 2

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