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1999 Honda Civic 1.6L ES Silver
(Featured on 31st May 2010)

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 1999
Registration: S84 TLA
Mileage: 15,000

Sellers original description:

My Mum used to work for a motorbike garage in Braintree and they sold Honda motorbikes.

She inherited some money in 1998 and wanted to treat herself to a new car as she hadn't had a new one for a few years.

She spoke to the rep she knew and he put her in touch with the car rep at Honda UK and she ordered the car direct from Honda to the spec she wanted.

Mum being Mum however decided that it was too good to use for work everyday and leave in the work car park so she spent £400 on a little old fiesta that she drove to work everyday - leaving the Civic sparkling clean and garaged!

Over the 11 years she had it it did just under 8,000 miles. It was brought out for special journeys and never in the rain!!

I've had the Civic since 2009 and she has now done just under 15,000 miles. She's just been serviced and I can truthfully say that it has never been a problem over the years - apart from a new battery or 2 where Mum left it standing.

We have all the history - including all the paperwork from when it was bought.

The MOT runs til 6th August and it's just been serviced at Honda in Colchester - full service, new cambelt and replaced clutch fluid.
Because she did so few miles it hadn't been serviced since 2002 so I made sure that they went over it and what was needed to be done was done.

This Honda Civic is exceptional and a VERY low mileage Honda - will go on for many years and many miles ahead.


1999 honda civic 1.6i es silver 1

1999 honda civic 1.6i es silver 2

1999 honda civic 1.6i es silver 3

1999 honda civic 1.6i es silver 4

1999 honda civic 1.6i es silver interior

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