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1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A
(Featured on 27th May 2014)

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Year: 1981

Sellers original description:

I'm advertising this car behalf of my mom. She has bought this car early this year in really bad condition to put her back in life(spent a small fortune on it) and keep it but unfortunately she will leave the UK soon and she cant take the car so this little beauty has to go.

The car had major rust issues on the floors, seals, all 4 arches, scuttle panel and rear corners. On the rest was only smaller bubbles. The restoration project has been done by Porsche Mode Bodyshop.

The guys done a beautiful job altogether. Stripped the car to a rolling shell. Seels, and floor section has been replaced (all galvanised) they have rebuilt the arches and the scuttle panel and removed the rusted areas and welded them. (This car has no fiberglass filler at all)During the process lots of pictures has been made by them and by my mom as well who went there regularly to see the progress.

At the same time the front seats has been fully rebuilt and recovered (took almost a month to get the original type material for the perfect match). This was 600 pound. (got the proof)

Even the engine and gearbox was working fine, the automatic gearbox has been fully serviced, and some mechanical work has been done.

Including: New cdi unit, new radiator core, carb cleaning and repair kit, new alternator belt, new spark plugs and all the filters, engine has been flushed and filled with fresh oil, new rear exhaust back box, new brake pads, 4 new tyres, wiper blades.

The wheels has been refurbished and the car has been repainted in and outside excluding the engine bay(however the top half of the engine bay had to bee done regarding the scuttle panel. Every single plastic moulding has been reconditioned (not by matt black aerosol they have been done in a proper way) New clips and bolts has been fitted all over. The whole bottom has been stonchip protected and the inner seel section waxed.

Basically the car is pretty much in a brand new condition. The total cost of the restoration was over 6000. Just been MOTed and comes with 6 months tax.

So if you are looking for a future investment or just a small classic car in an amazing condition its worth to have a look.


1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A 1

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A 2

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A 3

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A 4

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A Boot

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A Boot Floor

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A Front Interior

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A Rear Interior

1981 Honda Civic MK2 3A Speedometer

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