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1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto
(Featured on 27th May 2013)

Make: Honda
Model: Accord
Year: 1983
Registration: BEL 204Y
Mileage: 13,900

Sellers original description:

A rare and exiting opportunity to acquire an immaculate 1983 MK2 Honda Accord auto all of its original panels and nigh on all of its factory applied paint finish.

Always garaged when not in use, correctly laid up every winter and only ever used in the summer months when the weather was fine Just 13,900 miles since new and dry stored for much of that time.

The very best of the best and almost certainly the lowest mileage original condition example available anywhere.

It is nearly 3 decades now since production of the mark 2 accords and they are now becoming rare with unrestored, original bodied, well cared for, low mileage, rust free examples becoming increasingly hard to find. Consequently these are the cars that are now highly sought after and it is these examples that are most highly desired, especially the three door hatchbacks version.

You would be hard pushed to find an original one at all, but one that has had just has covered just 13,000 genuine miles, is in immaculate totally original condition and that has been loved, cherished and garaged since new - surely such a car can’t exist, can it?

Actually yes it can - and it does!

BEL 204Y

The vehicle benefits from protective byggings rustproofing since new as a result is rust free.

the car has never been smoked in. Consequently all the ashtrays and lighters are unused and the headlining shows not discolouration caused by smoke in fact the interior is as new.


The body/paintwork is superb, retains a fantastic lustre and has never had had any work done to it since it was new apart from very slight touch up with a paint brush for slight stone chips BEL 204Y is remarkably rust free and of course has not had, does not need and should never require any welding even the underside is all original.

The vehicle has recently had all four tyres replaced due to age new battery and rear exhaust silencer.

Door boot and bonnet shuts are outstanding and as good as any new car of this age.

All the glass is original plastic and rubber external trim is almost perfect overall the paint finish is that applied in the factory and is truly outstanding.


The interior is exemplary it is immediately obvious that this is an exceptionally low mileage car that has been cherished and never subjected to the elements for long periods.

The seats and carpets are unmarked and can only be described as new the dash is not cracked and has not had any holes cut in the door cards have not had holes cut and have not misshapen the headlining is excellent and not tobacco stained.

Everything works as it should even the original radio cassette player.

Under The Bonnet:

The engine bay is exceptionally clean with original stickers in place no signs of corrosion and presenting only like a low mileage car can.

On The Road:

BEL 204Y drives exceptionally well cannot be faulted it is an absolute delight to drive with efforless power steering brakes well and handles perfectly everything works just as it should it is quiet, smooth, responsive and still has that as new tight feel.
I deify anyone not to just fall in love with this car.

This car is as close as you may ever get to obtaining such an immaculate and original 1983 Honda Accord.

It is remarkably rust free. It has never had any bodywork since new It requires absolutely nothing doing at all It has been cherished, loved and cared almost all of its life with a passion that is rarely seen.

It is a collectors and enthusiasts dream it is totally original and almost as it left the supplying Dealer 30 years ago - although of course with 13,900 miles more and the few minor imperfections mentioned you may never again get such an opportunity to acquire such a car, it must surely be a once in a lifetime chance not to be missed.


Low mileage, condition, and originality will contribute greatly to the value of any classic.

BEL204Y tops all these categories and as such will be of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts, however, it will also appeal to those who just want to use it and cherish it – in the same way its previous owners have.


1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto 1

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto 2

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto 3

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto 4

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto 5

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Right Side

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Boot

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Engine Bay

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Front Interior

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Rear Interior

1983 MK 2 Honda Accord EX Auto Dashboard

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