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1989 Mazda 626 2L GLX
(Featured on 4th March 2012)


Make: Mazda
Model: 626
Year: 1989
Mileage: 7,204
Registration: G234 HAH

Sellers original description:

1989 (G) Mazda 626 2.0 GLX 5dr Manual.

Seven thousand two hundred miles from new!

The Mazda 626 was launched in 1979 as a 2dr coupe and 4dr saloon, the first guise being known as the CB variant. This was replaced by the GC platform in 1983, heralding the start of the front wheel drive cars. Production continued until 1987 whence it was replaced again, this time using the new GD platform. The coupe version was renamed as the MX-6, and an estate version was newly available. UK trim levels available were the base model LX, GLX, and GT.

Original, low mileage cars from the late 70s and 1980s are fast becoming as collectable (if not more so in many cases) than their predecessors. Japanese cars in particular are no exception and fast becoming sensible investments, many collectors realising good examples of 1980s vehicles are increasingly hard to find. It may not seem that long ago but bear in mind even the youngest 80s car is now 23 years old!

G234 HAH was purchased new on the 24th August 1989 from Wrights Mazda of Lowestoft as a retirement present for its proud owner. The Mazda was deemed far too smart to use as an everyday car and was consigned to the garage whilst the owner continued to use his old company car, a Volvo estate. Less than a week after taking delivery, the owner took the vehicle to a local garage to have the whole underside of the vehicle undersealed and Waxoyled, as he had done with all of his vehicles. I can prove this was done as we even have the invoice for it, dated 27/08/1989! Aside from the protective wax, the vehicle was standard GLX specification and remains so.

The car remained garaged for much of the following 20 years, barely seeing sunlight, and by August 2008 had covered just 4,982 miles. The elderly owner unfortunately had to give up driving shortly after and the car was registered to his son. He decided he would use the car a little so all four tyres were replaced (the originals had perished) and the brakes overhauled. He has used the car more frequently, but still only covering 2,500 miles in the last 2 years, bringing the current mileage to 7,200. That makes an average of just 308 miles per year!

History file:

· Original Mazda ‘Customer Information Wallet’

· MOT to 21st December 2012 (no advisories)

· 2x old MOTs

· Original bill for Waxoyl and undersealing car

· Original Clarion radio/cassette manual

· Emergency sunroof opening handle in polythene bag with instructions (unused)

· Mazda UK dealer map

· Mazda 626 owners manual

· Original Mazda 626 brochure from 1989!


The car appears to retain virtually all (in fact it might be all!) of its original factory paint finish and the bodywork is completely rust free. The condition of the bodywork is almost perfect with the exception of 2x small chips in the back bumper and the tiniest little ‘pin dinks’ in the offside rear wing (not broken the paint and really very, very minor). The only annoying thing is the passenger side front plastic wheel trim has gone AWOL, now a bit of hunting on Mazda owners forum and ringing up dealers to check old new stock should provide one. The door shuts and fuel door are like new. The factory applied sticker over the fuel flap advising on refuelling is still present! The underneath has never been welded and looks like a year old car. The whole underside has been undersealed and Waxoyled from new.


The interior is completely as new. It still has the magical ‘new car smell’! Nothing has been removed or changed, the car has the original Clarion radio/cassette. Being the GLX model this has a good specification including 4 electric windows, glass sunroof, central locking etc. All the electrics function as good as the day the car left the factory, which in mileage terms was about 6 months ago!

Engine bay/Boot:

Like the rest of the car, the engine bay is very nearly as new, with original stickers and near perfect grime-free components. The boot area appears to have barely been touched, the jack and spare wheel are both present and have NEVER been used!


The car runs perfectly and without fault. It is quiet, idles smoothly, and feels as taut as any 7,000 mile car should.


Whilst you can restore a car, remember a car is only original once! Once the originality has gone, nothing can ever really quite bring it back to that factory fresh feel that is present in only a handful of older cars. This is certainly one of them. I doubt there is a Mazda 626 of this age in existence with lower miles in such original condition.


1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual 1

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual front

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual 2

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual back

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual boot

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual engine bay

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual interior 1

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual interior 2

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual interior 3

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual interior 4

1989 g mazda 626 2.0 glx 5dr manual speedometer spare wheel interior petrol cap sticker

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