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1995 MG RV8
(Featured on 21st January 2012)

Make: MG
Model: RV8
Year: 1995
Mileage: 6,000
Registration: M810 XHW

Sellers original description:

1995 MG RV8 3.9i with Air Conditioning.

Number 1009 of 2000.

Immaculate condition, very low mileage & zero corrosion.

This stunning MG RV8 finished in Woodcote Green is in truly exceptional condition and has by the underside condition has never seen rain.

The car is No. 1009 of 2000 built which is the second generation of RV8 (1995 Model Year) with the superior R380 gearbox and lighter clutch it was built on 8th Sept 1994 and like so many others was exported to Japan. Where this car is differs is its very low milage and exceptional condition - it was re-imported into the UK by marque specialists HS Imports of Bristol in Sept 2003 having covered only 16k miles (we have the original KPH speedo showing 26k KM to prove) and in the past eight years has covered less than 6000 miles since with every single MOT to validate the low mileage (plus the service bills).

10/2003 - 00006 miles - Full Service.
04/2005 - 02048 miles - Full Service , re-shim steering rack and replaces O/S/F wheel bearing.
05/2005 - 02444 miles - New battery.
06/2007 - 03764 miles - Full service, Fit new Catalytic converter, Fuel Filter and advance & retard pipe kit .
05/2008 - 04127 miles - Full service, new battery, new distributor.
06/2008 - 04134 miles - New alternator and replace both rear brake cylinders.
05/2010 - 04969 miles - Full service and replace fuel pump.
11/2011 - 05988 miles - Full service & new battery.

The car has had only two owners (plus HS Imports who were recorded on the V5c as the first owners).

Externally the car is close to perfection – there are no bumps scrapes or even any stone chips! The wheels are all in perfect condition with no kerb marks, the tyres are a matching set of Pirelli’s which are hardly worn and there is a full size spare wheel which is also a split rim type which is the same as the other wheels.

Underneath the car is nearly as clean as on top, there is zero corrosion and the car has never been damaged or had a panel changed in its life.

Mechanically the car is very strong, whilst the V8 engine is not particularly powerful by today’s standards, (it is an exceptionally comfortable cruiser), developing 190BHP, it is sufficient to propel the car to 60mph in 5.9 seconds and then onto a maximum of 135mph - all whilst producing a beautiful V8 rumble.

Most of the normal goodies, such as the original key fob, the tool roll, hand book and an original English brochure are with the car.

The engine does not smoke or use oil, the clutch is light and smooth and the RV8 pulls exceptionally well. The steering has no play and the braking system pulls the car up straight and true.

Internally, the car is also immaculate, the steering wheel shows no wear, the carpets are like new, the leather is in very good condition with only the slightest of wear on the drivers seat. The radio has been changed to a quality Pioneer unit with a CD player and iPod connection in the glovebox operating an electric ariel. The only single ‘fault’ we can find is there is a small section of the dash where there are a few hairline cracks in the lacquer but this is hardly noticeable and does not detract from the car. The RV8 is also fitted with Air Conditioning, which is fully operational and all of the electrics are in full working order. Most of the normal goodies, such as the original key fob, the tool roll, hand book and an original English brochure are with the car.


1995 mg rv8 1

1995 mg rv8 front

1995 mg rv8 2

1995 mg rv8 3

1995 mg rv8 4

1995 mg rv8 5

1995 mg rv8 back

1995 mg rv8 6

1995 mg rv8 boot

1995 mg rv8 engine bay 1

1995 mg rv8 engine bay 2

1995 mg rv8 interior

1995 mg rv8 dashboard

1995 mg rv8 storage bag

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