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1977 MG Midget 1500
(Featured on 10th July 2013)

Make: MG
Model: Midget
Year: 1977
Registration: UNU 612S

Sellers original description:

One of the lowest mileage Midget's in the country. It is a really stunning car finished in the wonderful period colour of Chartreuse.

It has recently passed a new mot which runs until 16/4/14 (passed no advises) and it taxed until the end of September so is ready to drive away and enjoy for the summer.

The previous owner was an Mg owners club member and a current owners club parts catalogue is with the car.There is an invoice from just 250 miles ago for work done at the owners club which came to just over £2000, jobs done included new radiator coolant and thermostat, new Castrol oil and filter, new spark plugs, new points and condenser, new rocker cover gasket, new air filter, new top trunnion bushes, fit new inertia seat belts, new front engine mounting, new clutch master cylinder, new slave cylinder, new brake fluid, new luminition plug lead set, new oil filler and rad caps etc and a general tidy up of the engine bay was carried out.Consequently the car performs exceptionally well and is definitely the best Midget I have ever driven, it is really tight correct and precise as one would expect from a low mileage car and a very well kept one at that.

There are two folders of history with the car which goes from the beginning with the original bill of sale from new. There are old mots dating back to 1988 at 11,487 miles. The original Supercover Handbook Portfolio is present with associated documents within including the Passport to service book which has the following entries; 1/8/77 Pdi, 26/10/77 959 miles, 8/8/78 2342 miles, 9/4/79 3932 miles, 19/9/79 5320 miles, 4/9/80 8344 miles, 9/4/81 9323 miles, 22/7/82 10,133 miles, 12/6/84 10934 miles, 22/7/86 11263 miles (all of these were carried out by the supplying main dealer before the car then moved to the South Coast, 31/7/87 11416 miles. 26/7/88 11487 miles. The service book was then full but the aforementioned old mot's continue the mileage confirmation and as previously stated the latest service was just 250 miles ago-the current mileage is just over 13,500. The car still bears the supplying dealer on it's number plates.

The car was Ziebarted from new as shown on the new car invoice and from the paperwork showing the inspection done as required for the first 6 years. This consequently has resulted in the preservation of the car which remains in what appears to be completely original condition. You can see from the pictures the Ziebart protection in the bonnet and boot area, incidentally also in the boot are the tonneau cover and a hood cover. It is so lovely to see an original straight and true car these days as we see so many heavily restored cars and added to that it remains in quite excellent condition throughout.


1977 MG Midget 1500 1

1977 MG Midget 1500 Front

1977 MG Midget 1500 Side

1977 MG Midget 1500 3

1977 MG Midget 1500 Back

1977 MG Midget 1500 Boot

1977 MG Midget 1500 Engine Bay

1977 MG Midget 1500 Interior

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